The Five hosts say Coke commercial is ultimate compliment to US; outrage is overblown

Forget the typical partisan left versus right arguments. Coca-Cola’s “It’s Beautiful” ad sparked intense debate between conservatives across the country, which was clearly demonstrated on Monday’s Fox News’ “The Five.”

A visibly upset Eric Bolling was the odd man out amongst his fellow conservative cohosts, Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld, as he expressed outrage over the Coke commercial.

Bolling specifically took issue with the soda maker using the patriotic song, “America the Beautiful,” to show the diversity of cultures in the country and directed his criticism to Coke directly:

[Coca-Cola] was going for that politically correct, “America’s a melting pot.” Yes, America’s a melting pot. The problem here is…don’t put it to “America the Beautiful, you just don’t.

You used the wrong song; you ticked off a lot of Coke drinkers. You ticked off a lot of Americans. I think for whatever you gained in this diversity thing that you’re going for, Coke, you blew with a lot of people who are very, very patriotic. About that song. About that song.

If they had used a John Cougar Mellencamp song that had “America” in it and they went through the Latin culture, an Asian culture…a Muslim culture singing in Arabic – that would be fine. But it was “America the Beautiful” and there’s a distinction with that, in my world.

Representing the other side of the heated debate over the commercial, Perino said she thought the whole controversy was a “little overblown.”

“I’d be happy if every language in the world was singing “America the Beautiful” because that means we have people focused on the best country on earth in history,” she said. “It’s not like we are trying to learn the Iranian national anthem in Urdu.”

Gutfeld agreed, saying he viewed the commercial as a “compliment” to the country because “people know that we are the best country in the world, which is why they want to come here,” but he said he would not fall into the commercial’s possible “outrage trap to get people angry.”

“I just let it go,” Gutfeld said.

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