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Hollywood’s ‘Oscar’ being called ‘faith-based bigot’; Christian song nomination rescinded


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Hollywood’s “Oscar” is being called a “faith-based bigot” by some, as word spreads of real-life drama surrounding the Academy Awards.

When Oscar nominations were announced a few weeks ago, “Alone, But Not Alone” was listed among nominees for Best Song. At the time, a few Hollywood snobs scoffed at the unusual nomination, presumably because the song comes from a low-budget, faith-based film of the same name.

The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has since rescinded the nomination, claiming that when the song’s creator, Bruce Broughton, emailed 70 fellow Academy members asking them to listen to the song, he was exerting “undue influence,” according to Fox News Insider.

Broughton wrote it is “extremely unlikely that this small, independent, faith-based film will be seen by any music branch member; it’s the only way I can think of to have anyone be aware of the song.”

Oscar-winning “Schindler’s List” producer Gerald Molen, who has been in the news recently for his work on upcoming Dinesh DSouza film “America,” questioned the hard line of Academy officials.

Molen wrote in a letter to the Academy saying, “every film, director, writer, cinematographer, actor, art director, costume designer and EFX house finds a way to pitch or promote their work. Many will see this decision as faith-based bigotry pure and simple.”

Watch Peter Johnson Jr. react this morning on Fox and Friends. Gerald Molen will be a guest tonight at 9 on The Kelly File!

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