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Brain-dead on campus: Students sign petition to ‘execute’ gun owners

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Weep for the future of the nation and the world. Weep for the masses of sheeple who will sign their names to anything, absolutely anything, including “terminating and executing” all registered gun owners.

Political prankster Mark Dice recently hit a college campus in San Diego where zombies – actually just brain-dead college students who will lead this world one day  – signed a petition to repeal the Second Amendment, to disarm “peasant” citizens, to imprison, “terminate and execute” all registered gun owners, to support “Obama’s gun control bill,” to ban and confiscate all guns except for the military and the police, to round up gun owners and put them in “FEMA concentration camps,” and on and on.

Not only did they sign their names and write their birthdates on Dice’s petition, they verbally agreed with him that these solutions were a good thing for America.

And Dice – like you will be – was in stunned disbelief that nothing he could say, no matter how ludicrous, deterred these kids from signing.

One young man, though he wouldn’t sign, said it was “awesome” that we would round up registered gun owners and send them to concentration camps “for owning their guns.”

One female student admitted she didn’t know what a FEMA camp was, but she signed anyway.

Dice asked one young man to repeat the words “You don’t need any guns, peasants,” to which the kid said with a smile, “I don’t need to repeat it, but I know it.”

Watch the insanity all the way to the end of Mark Dice’s new video:

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