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Viewers furious Michelle Obama ruined the ‘Puppy Bowl’: ‘Is nothing safe?’

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For some, Animal Planet’s annual “Puppy Bowl” is more sacred than the Super Bowl.

CNN summed it up in a nutshell:

. . .  the sublime result of pairing a bunch of wiggly puppies — 66, in fact — with squeaky toys and a mini-stadium set. Add a “rufferee” and a kitty-filled halftime, and every floppy tackle or slobbered-on football inspires an unintelligible burst of baby talk and giggles. That’s the power of puppies!

Maybe it’s not for everyone, but those who love it want to keep politics out, and who can blame them?

This year, Michelle Obama had to go and ruin it for many who just wanted to have a joyful day void of lectures and goofy (human) faces . . . oh , and “anti-fat propaganda.”

Twitchy captured the sentiments of the highly disappointed viewers:


Apparently , in addition to a “Let’s Move” lecture, the first “lady” showed some not so ladylike moves as well.

Dan Gainor, Vice President of the Culture and Media Institute at the Media Research Center’s commented:

“Once again, Hollywood gives the Obamas the gift that keeps on giving – almost infinite TV time. First Lady Michelle Obama scored her 75th TV appearance with a spot in the middle of “Puppy Bowl X.” It isn’t enough for Hollywood liberals to bombard us with the First Lady in everything from “Sesame Street” to the Oscars. Now we get the Mrs. Obama even with our silly puppy play time.

“Even worse, TV has increased its in-kind contributions of time to the Democratic First Lady. Five years in, Michelle Obama has already outpaced First Lady Laura Bush’s entire eight years 75-53. Mrs. Obama is racking up appearances 225% more than her predecessor. That’s entertainment.

“Coupling that TV support with the millions of dollars raised by actors like George Clooney makes it obvious this isn’t TV, it’s a political contribution.”

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