Coke’s ‘un-American’ Super Bowl ad sparks instant, intense outrage

While Pepsi chose to honor America’s Armed Forces with a special segment during the Super Bowl half time show, Coca Cola decided to celebrate the diversity of the country with an ad that sparked instant outrage on social media.

Coke’s description of the ad called, “It’s Beautiful,” read: “The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.”

The ad showed America’s multicultural and diverse citizens, including the first ad in Super Bowl history to feature a gay couple, going about their lives while the song “America the Beautiful” was being sung in different languages.

Reaction was fast and furious on both sides, with conservatives reminding that this is America where English is spoken, and liberals responding that there is no official language and everyone who says so is racist.

Perhaps tensions were high because one of the languages the very American, patriotic song was sung in was Arabic and the game was being played right across the river from where the Twin Towers came down on September 11, 2001.

Watch Super Bowl’s stunning rendition of US national anthem sang with dignity

Check out some of the tweets:



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Janeen Capizola

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2,201 thoughts on “Coke’s ‘un-American’ Super Bowl ad sparks instant, intense outrage

  1. Disavowed 1 says:

    If your clued in. Their laying the breadcrumbs down in an attept to illustrate were in an International community now. Don’t you get it?

    The signs are everywhere, go research Common Core for example. International education platform.

    it’s not too late to wake up but I would rather every one be aware as to curtail any confusion in the future as to what John Kerry signed over to the International Community.

    Centralized everything, your going to love it. Just like living in a 3rd. World Nation and it’s everyone’s fault. USA! USA, USA USA! USA hypocrite USA! USA USA! We were number#1USSA! USSA! Land of the fleeced, home of the slaves!
    May your chains rest lightly my countrymen.

  2. Mary says:

    No coke products. The primary language of this country is English even though immigrants still speak their own language. Learning English was a prerequisite to becoming a citizen. That is not being racist. We have our country and own unique culture because of all the different ancestries represented but we are American and the common language is English. If you want to be strictly Spanish, Italian, Asian, African, Pakistani , etc. then go and live in those countries. If you want to be American, then stay and be American. We will not be made into a foreign country without a fight. You don’t like the U.S., then leave.

    1. Fatima says:

      The only reason we speak English in America is because the ebil pilgrims refused to stop speaking it and adopt the native tongue.

      1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

        You seem to be implying we should adopt some other “tongue”. Everything you enjoy here you owe to those who spoke and speak English.

        1. Fatima says:

          um, no. Those black slaves who built the south? (until they were forced to) The Chinese who were essentially responsible for connecting the east and west? Those who created the enlightenment principals our laws are based on?

          1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            It is not honest to overlook the operative term “overwhelmingly” in my post and it may betray your feelings and intents.

            Your response is the standard Leftist (not Liberal) simplistic distortion and denigration of Americans, America and her achievements. Leftists (not Liberals) will embrace any enemy, betray any friend, destroy any achievement and undermine any accomplishment of the Nation.

            You came here to be safe and to raise your children in safety, yet you demonstrate the qualities of what you have fled, perhaps unknowingly. You came from a culture and country that destroyed itself, has no moral or ethical center, no standard or system of justice, no place in the modern world and no self concept. Those are the principle objectives the Left has for America. Leftist’s are defined by their aggressive disregard and disrespect for all that they have been given, having done little, if anything to earn it, and all that America represents and has accomplished for itself and the world.

            I was part of that leftist disease – and it is a disease – for 38 years, serving in low to mid-level leadership posts. What I saw, heard and took part in, and the destruction they have caused and are causing, can never be forgotten and has provided me with an inside view exceeded by few.

            You have time ahead and the demonstrated ability to learn beyond the limited, Leftist inclined education available to you in most universities. With luck and work, you will gain a broader view of what this country has given you, what it has cost us and how fragile it truly is.

          2. Fatima says:

            Once again, you know nothing about my home country.
            Were the black slaves and Chinese immigrants not Americans?
            And where have I distorted and denigrated America’s achievements? America is pretty great, but we still have a long way to go.

          3. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            You did not address your error in reading my post.
            Slaves spoke many languages and dialects; Chinese spoke several dialects; they both adopted English as a pragmatic way of bridging those language gaps as well as a way of becoming Americans.

            You have already stated your Yemen experience in other posts; in any event, you did not leave your home country because you were happy there.

            If you have adopted Leftist (not Liberal)views, they are in and of themselves denigrating and distorted – and additionally, insular in relation to the complex American experience.

            Your statement “…we still have a long way to go.” is a complaint no knowledgeable immigrant, much less a citizen can reasonably support. America is the greatest nation the world will ever see. Perfection is a utopianistic illusion used predominately by adolescents and Leftists to complain about their own failures. You don’t belong in that category.

          4. Fatima says:

            While it is best to have one language so people can communicate (for example, in India, all gov’t affairs are done in English)
            what is wrong with people speaking their home language with family or friends?
            I dunno, I think the liberal views of equality for gays and women, health care for all, and equal voting rights are a lot more American than some of the far-right crap I’ve been hearing.
            How do you know this? Can you see the future? American gays do not have equality. American poor people do not have easy access to health care. I think they would disagree that we do not have a long way to go.

          5. marburyvsmadison says:

            Fatima, a book you may enjoy. “The Death of Conservatism” by Sam Tanenhaus. It’s an excellent history of the conservative moment and provides some valuable insight into how today’s Right-wing has become so intellectually and morally bankrupt. Also, check out The Daily Intelligencer column in New York magazine, esp anything by Jon Chait. Very good source to keep thoughtful, moderate folks informed.

            I admire how evenly you respond to the nonsense and provocation thrown at you.

          6. SOTB says:

            Fatima – I see your point of view. I find it disingenuous for some here to keep harping on English purism when in fact English is a hodgepodge of different languages like German, Norse, French Native American, and YES even some from ancient Iranian (i.e. a fact from it’s Indo-European roots).

            I for one understand why you would want to leave your country (Yemen). What we Americans are doing over there is really making it dangerous with all of the CIA-controlled Predator air-strikes against the Criminal Extremists posing as true-Muslims (i.e. Alwaki etc).

            I think you really need to avoid the “straw man” baiting your getting here. Your intellectual acumen shows quite well here (you have to prove nothing). Others seem a bit strained and fallacious, almost as if someone has something to prove to others.

            What one apparently pseudo-intellectual person here doesn’t seem to understand that Black American Slaves where ideally from one part of Western Africa along the Guinea coastline and the language/dialect diversity was pretty much limited to a micro-group. The American English learned by them was sub standard at best by white-design and afforded them a limited English vocabulary. Some of that pigeon-English legacy prevails today among African-Americans (i.e. Florida State football QB, Jameis Winston).

            The other little known early American Slaves were the Irish immigrants. They spoke English but they also spoke Gaelic.

            English is a ubiquitous language found worldwide and NOT just in America. You can rest assured it has a long future. Being bilingual+ is not a impediment to societal growth. It helps one be communicative to all people including foreign-speaking seniors who can’t learn English, under-educated ones, and recent immigrants who are just learning. You can imagine how helpful a UN translator is to the world at large.

            Trust me your point of view is refreshing. Others are quite laborious to read… the quasi-narcissistic-egotistical ones (wink wink).


          7. SOTB says:

            Ed the Chinese only have TWO not many. It’s Mandarin and Cantonese.

          8. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            At least seven formally recognized, plus several others. But, carry on the propaganda.

          9. marburyvsmadison says:

            Not really true, Ed. The dialect of Mandarin spoken in Beijing is the Official national language; nothing else is formally recognized as such. In addition to Beijing Mandarin, many Chinese speak their own dialect, making them, in effect bi-lingual, however. Cantonese still predominates in Hong Kong and Macau, the former colonies..

          10. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            “Formally” was a reference to “linguists” recognition of the number of Chinese languages – which seems to expand over time..

          11. SOTB says:

            I stand corrected. I looked it and I count 10 dialects in China.

        2. SOTB says:

          No the only spoke different dialects of a few primary language groups like Algonquian, Iroquois, Muskogean, Athabascan, etc. The Pilgrims did not communicate well with the Wampanoag and other native nations (tribal groups) in Massachusetts. They tended to phonetically structure native words incorrectly. For instance they called the great chief Massasoit as they thought that was a good translation for his name. Little did they know his real name was Ossamekquin (yellow feather). They thought MASSA meant great and SOIT meant chief. The name Massachusetts means the people of the great hill country.

          The word chief in New England Algonquin is SACHEM not SOIT. So they had a lot to learn. The natives actually learned to speak English to make up for the language diversity between the Dutch and English (and earlier Vikings).

          The first cogent “Indian” the Pilgrim’s encountered (i.e. Samoset spoke only broken English) spoke perfect British English when the Mayflower arrived at Plymouth. His name was Tisquantum a Patuxet man who was taken to England long before the Pilgrims arrived and returned to USA to find his family destroyed by European-borne disease.
          The English the Pilgrims spoke was OLD ENGLISH. I’m sure you’d have a hard time understanding them today. If you want a taste of it visit PLIMOUTH PLANATION just south of Boston or Sturbridge Village in Sturbridge MA. The actors will simply annoy you with their refusal to come out of character and try to confuse you with King James bible-era English.
          So Ed, English has it’s problems too. It’s a great common language but it has too many phonetic anomalies to be a GREAT language. You should think about at least learning Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or at least some Mandarin. May come in handy one day… like at a Chinese restaurant when they are making fun of you?

          1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            The only thing separating Leftists from the Tea Party is the pure volume of rhetorical irrelevance. In the end, they each happily embrace their executioners.

          2. SOTB says:

            Who is the appointed judge of what is considered irrelevant? I view the TEA PARTY to be very RIGHTIST and therefore very different from the LEFTISTS.
            Who exactly are their “executioners”? Or are you now practicing irrelevant rhetoric?

          3. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            SOTB is way to slow to be serious – now just being obtuse, and probably not even familiar with the origins of the concept of “embracing their executioners”.

          4. SOTB says:

            I never think the ad hominem approach to discourse is ever effective nor endearing. But yes you are right I am NOT familiar with the term and don’t understand the application of it as it applies to Sarah Palin’s group or conversely Left Wingers. Why don’t you enlighten me…

          5. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            SOTB has to learn that sometimes one must do one’s own research work.

          6. SOTB says:

            I googled it and found nothing easily recognizable. What’s the big deal just tell me what “embracing ones executioner” means? Also how does it apply to Palin’s group. If you want to cite a book that’s good too.

          7. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            You could not have tried very hard.

            The reference to “embracing one’s executioner” comes from Sarte. The “Right” does this by nominally embracing the Republican anti-democratic, oligarchic tendencies. The “Left” does this by embracing Communists, Islamists, anti-white racists, anti-male haters, and an ever growing list that has taken on the character of a flesh eating disease.

            Palin is more a parasite on the Tea Party body than an asset of it, or it an asset of hers. The “Party” is as much unfocussed and destructive as the Left, which is no mean feat.
            If you are interested in something of an historical parallel take a look at the political landscape of the Weimar Republic in about 1930.

          8. marburyvsmadison says:

            To correct one item: the Pilgrims did not speak Old English. They spoke Early Modern English. It’s not that different from our language today; just look at Shakespeare.

            I agree it’s good to study a foreign language. It helps a person understand different conceptual frameworks, different points of view. Too many Americans don’t understand the benefits of multi-culturalism.

          9. SOTB says:

            Yes you are right. But I challenge some of us today to really understand Early Modern English of KJ Bible or Shakespeare (actually Francis Bacon – IMHO).
            One problem in picking up a new language… learn the culture first. There are mannerisms, gestures, facial expressions, sentence stress, and word order that is usually totally different from how we in USA see things. For instance Koreans hate queuing up (standing in long lines). Italian men (in Italy) take another man stroking their face as an insult to their sexuality. South Americans view the USA OK finger sign the same as a USA 3rd finger. Chinese people (in China) don’t get the USA comedy of saying FUNG-YU or WAN-HUNG-LO. In Latin America never checkout another man’s lady friend it could start a huge misunderstanding.

      2. SOTB says:

        The Pilgrims where neither evil not did they set standards for New World dialect. The first Europeans to establish any type of European American settlement with it’s prerequisite language standardization were the Spaniard’s. The language-dialect was Castilian-Spanish. They controlled most of Southern USA and Western. The Dutch controlled the Northeast and Dutch was the standard language there. They had NY all tied up for awhile (i.e. New Amsterdam).
        Then came the British (John Bull or as the Dutch would say “Yan-Cheese” or Yankees). The Brits brought their Western-Germanic/Norse language with them ENGLISH. And the rest is history (literally) 🙂

  3. Lazaro Perez says:

    I love this ad. All your people saying it should be in English are racist idiots. In fact, most of them show how ignorant and stupid they are just by saying “The National Anthem should be in English” Freaking idiots, really? THAT’S NOT EVEN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM!!” And those idiots call themselves America? I hope they choke and die on their Pepsi.

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      Maybe Lazaro Perez does not know that the song has always been known as the unofficial or everyday persons National Anthem. It is held more closely to American hearts than the almost unsingable official Anthem. Maybe insisting that everyone not agreeing with Perez are “racist, ignorant, stupid, idiots who should choke and die….” might be a touch un-American – if he is one at all.

      1. Fatima says:

        The almost unsingable national anthem? Insert eye roll here.
        And yes, everyone thinks people who live in America should speak English, and only English is extremely bigoted.

        1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

          You might be interested in the National Anthem’s problematic musical structure and the thousands of pages of commentary on it, as well as several attempts to substitute it with another song – usually “America the Beautiful”.

          Perhaps your greater error is the apparent adoption of the Left’s (not Liberal’s) rejection of all views not consistent with their own singular, doctrinaire view, as being “bigoted”. If you were to parse the term “bigoted”, you might find a great irony in their use of the term against those with whom they disagree.

          “Insistence” on a doctrinaire view point through the pejorative rejection of all others, is at the root of the self destruction the culture you fled has experienced – it is not a phenomenon that you should want to repeat here – the Leftist’s inclinations notwithstanding.

          1. Fatima says:

            If it’s so darn problematic, why do people play it all the time?
            Dude, you know nothin’ about the culture I left- not fled. We weren’t refugees.
            And hey, if people want to blab on and on about why people should only speak English- fine. And I have the right to call them a bunch of bigots.

          2. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            They play it because it is the “official” anthem. “America the Beautiful” is played nearly as often, and largely because it is singable.
            You have already stated your Yemen experience in other posts. In any event, you did not leave because you liked it there.
            You are free in America to call people pretty much whatever you may like, but it does not speak well of your understanding of America or of its language – which I think is greater than what you, for whatever reason, are currently demonstrating.

          3. Fatima says:

            Ok, so what is the problem with people singing it in other languages?
            I will always love my home country. I do not love what extremism has done to it.
            So if I don’t agree with you, it shows I don’t know anything about America?

  4. jackpc1 says:

    As a naturalized American citizen, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Americans of diverse nationalities singing praise for this great country. I applaud – Coca-Cola Company, a proud American company for celebrating our diversity in celebration of America.

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      I am afraid that was no celebration – it was a death knell.

      1. Fatima says:

        Melodramatic much?

        1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

          I hope your flippancy becomes well justified, otherwise we, including you and your children, face a progressively more dangerous future.

          1. Fatima says:

            A “progressively more dangerous future”…. because some people speak a language other than English in this country?

          2. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            I have seen from your other posts that you understand the issue far more clearly than you would like to “pose” it here.

          3. Fatima says:

            No, seriously. I’m not sure how this is going to lead to a more dangerous future.

          4. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            The fragmentation, diminishment and decline of cultures throughout history have been accompanied by, and related to the loss of their language. The loss of their language is neither necessary nor sufficient to its decline, but does have a concomitant effect and there appear to be no exceptions.

          5. Fatima says:

            So what about countries like China, India, Canada, Switzerland, etc, where there is more than one language spoken?

  5. PatriotInk says:

    That ad immediately reminded me of those stupid coexist stickers where one in the lineup wants to kill the rest.
    “No Coke!!! Change I can believe in.”

    1. Fatima says:

      Who in “the lineup”, wants to kill the rest?

      1. PatriotInk says:

        The symbol representing Muslim savages.

        1. Fatima says:

          um, well this is awkward. I’m Muslim, and have no desire to kill everyone else, and neither do the vast majority of the other Muslims on the planet.

          1. PatriotInk says:

            Documentary: “Islam: What the West Needs to Know
            The Qur’an
            The Hadith
            Orientalism by Edward Said
            The writings of Sayyid Qutb
            …much more…

            By accepting the Muslim cult, that necessarily means you accept the doctrines of the pedophile, psychotic, murdering Mohammad and the hate that breeds the kind of actions that are demostrated by your cult adherents.

            Those who are not of your depraved geopolitical system of hate have the right, duty, and responsibility to not tolerate the intolerant.

            I KNOW what you are.

          2. Fatima says:

            So every single member of the 1.6ish billion strong Muslim faith has the exact same views on everything?
            Would you like me to stereotype your religion in the same way?

          3. PatriotInk says:

            My last response:

            You asked questions. I will answer them, though I normally do not..

            You have not had time to read/watch/study the references I have listed…

            You don’t know what religion I am or even if I am religious…Who are you that I should even care whether you “stereotype” anything? I simply don’t care…

            Personally, I don’t care if you live or die. Nothing you write affects me one way or the other.

            I have a library of over 800 books that I have read/studied over the years. I read 4 books per month. I subscibe to several magazines and newspapers, and I write often.

            Just not interested, Pal.

          4. Fatima says:

            Can you answer the first question please?
            And if you can stereotype an entire group of people, I can do the same for you, right? I mean, it’s only fair.
            Maybe you should read a wee bit less, and get out more. Maybe meet some Muslims instead of judging an entire group of people based on some random websites.
            ps. Empathy. It’s a good thing.

          5. Dave Burrier says:

            It is very apparent that this patriotink is a disturbed individual, incapable of a reasonable discussion and a possible menace to society. Unfortunately, there are too many like him.

          6. Fatima says:

            Thank you for this! It is a shame that so many people judge an entire, huge, diverse group of people by the actions of a few.

          7. Dave Burrier says:

            Most Americans know that Coke got it right.

          8. Fatima says:

            Good to hear!

          9. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Agreed, if a little narrow (his views, not his heart).

          10. Fatima says:

            I really don’t see how.

          11. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:


          12. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Well, most Americans voted twice for Reagan and then twice (well once really) for Bush II, so….

          13. Frank says:

            U r an idiot Edward. A paranoid delusional idiot.

          14. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            The irony of “Mice in my head Frank” is priceless and beyond words. It should carry us through the day.

          15. Frank says:

            Wow, that was insightful. Tell your school teacher that I think you write WAY above a 3rd grade level.

            “Anti-racists” SAY they are against white racists, white racism, and white privilege.

            What they are REALLY against is white culture, white civilization, and white people.

            They SAY they want a world without “hate”, without “racism”.

            What they REALLY want is a world without white people.

            What they REALLY want is a world without YOU.

            What they REALLY want is White geNOcide!

            Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

          16. Fatima says:

            I’m against all racism. And all privilege on the basis of skin color.

          17. Frank says:

            Like Affirmative action? Please, you are simply against anything that supports the White race. You are thoroughly anti-White.

            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

          18. Fatima says:

            If anyone should be complaining about affirmative action, it’s Asian people. They are the ones who really are negatively affected.

          19. Frank says:

            Hypocrite! I thought you were against “all privilege on the basis of skin color”. What you really mean is as long as Whites are negatively affected then it is ok. You are anti-White to the bone. Stop supporting genocide. Why do you hate little White babies so much fatima?
            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

          20. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            “Frank” is code for “Mice in my head”.

            “Frank” left out “Europe for Europeans”

            And still no response to the question’ “What is the motive behind “Franks” “white genocide”?

            “Frank” is code for “Mice in my head”.

          21. Frank says:

            My people, White People, are only 8% of the global population, with only
            2% being women of child bearing age. Hundreds of millions of non-Whites
            are pouring into EVERY & ONLY White countries.

            Our governments are FORCE integrating/assimilation us with all these
            non-Whites. This is clearly a program to make White children minorities
            (and worse) in ALL the countries their ancestors built and created.

            Africa is STILL FULL of Africans

            Asia is STILL FULL of Asians

            Only Whites are targeted for GENOCIDE

          22. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Frank” is code for “Mice in my head.”

            Since “Frank” has said that of the seven billion people on the planet, only 8%, (560 million) are “white” (source needed), then he needs to say who he is including as “white”, there being no scientifically accepted single standard for determining who is “white”, or any other imaginary “race” distinction.

            Frank” is code for “Mice in my head.”

          23. Frank says:

            You’re not going to Africa saying “we are all human” & forcing
            Africans to accept multiCULTuralism & multi-racialism until they
            become a minority.

            You’re not going to Asia saying “we are all human” & forcing Asians to accept multiCULTuralism & multi-racialism

            until they become a minority.

            You anti-Whites only use “we are all human” as a justification for the geNOcide of White children.

            We know the “anti-racists” goal IS White geNOcide.

            Anti-racist is a >codeword< for anti-White

          24. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            While I believe that “Coke” has been very destructive to America at one of its more perilous points in its history, I do appreciate many of your posts, especially the humor, although you do qualify people who believe as I do as “….backward bigoted rednecks”.

          25. Frank says:

            Imagine how much brainwashing it would take to convince the Japanese to
            flood Japan with NON-Japanese until they themselves become a minority

            To convince them to force affirmative action AGAINST THEMSELVES with all those NON-Japanese

            That this “diversity” is a strength

            And to convince them that it would be “racist” to NOT do this to themselves

            No need convincing WHITE anti-whites of this in EVERY white country, they’re already convinced

            Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White


          26. Fatima says:

            Actually, Japan is one of the most homogeneous nations on earth- 98% ethnically Japanese. And it’s causing a huge problem for them.

          27. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            I am not sure that idea really holds up. The Japanese face several unique issues that are not related to their “homogeneity”.
            The homogeneity of a nation is historically understood as a strong unifying element and as a strength. The unifying nature of the English language in America (a completely unique Nation) has been central to its success. Undermining that unity is at root, the objective of Leftist’s (not Liberals).

          28. Fatima says:

            Their slow growth population problem is certainly connected to their homogenity. Right now, Japan has a huge elderly population, with few young people to support them, and few babies being born. This would be a problem here, but for one major thing- we allow immigrants here.
            And while I agree that it is beneficial to at least learn a wee bit of English in case of emergencies, there is nothing wrong with people speaking whatever language they want here. Seriously, it’s been happening for hundreds of years.

          29. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Homogeneity and slow growth are not necessarily connected. Additionally, slow or flat population growth is essential to our survival as a species.

            Your statement: “…its been happening for hundreds of years.” is quite false and can not be supported by any credible evidence.
            Americans have always learned the language and out grown their native tongue – particularly the first generation of offspring, after which their native language essentially dies, occasional remnants notwithstanding or relevant.
            (Is someone else posting under your name? The level of understanding seems to have shifted significantly.)

          30. Fatima says:

            While they are not always connected, Japan could easily solve its population problem by accepting immigrants, if it were not so paranoid of the icky brown people.
            Have you never been to Chinatown? Little Germanies or Italies or Armenias? Hardly non-withstanding or non-relevant.
            No. Blame it on hormones, if you must.

          31. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            “Mice in my head Frank” still offers no explanation of why, even in theory, “whites” being a minority would be bad?
            “Frank” is code for “Mice in my head”

          32. Frank says:

            So still don’t get it that you are supporting genocide. Plan for White geNOcide that “anti-racists” implement:

            1) Flood EVERY & ONLY White countries with MILLIONS of non-Whites

            2) Force integrate these immigrants into White communities. This is done with the aid of Federal Laws

            3) Push interracial relationships night and day in the media & newspaper

            advertisements, in ONLY White countries

            4) Anyone that objects is called the r-word!

            5) Then, inform the Whites of their inevitable brown future

            Anti-Racist is a code for anti-White


          33. redleader45 says:

            Racism is archaic and flawed in its logical process. You make equality seem like the destruction of the free world. When, in all reality, it is a break down and dismantling of the beliefs that you so willingly perpetuate.

            I do not take you to be a backwards thinking man who has nothing better to do then peddle racial bigotry via the anonymity of the internet. But I do see you as a fearful individual American who sees a rising tide of change that you will undoubtedly fight until your dying breath. I respect that, but the truth is that you are a dying breed of scared, narrow-minded and senile individuals. Who are single-handedly holding back the rest of the world from making forward progress.

            Anti-racism is not code for anything, it is simply a want for the world to be a better place. Reducing someone to their race, religion, gender, or even sexual orientation is wrong. People are more than just the labels they are given and or give themselves. They are a culmination of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, dreams, hopes, desires, etc. Anti-racism is that tide of change that will drown you and the rest of those who believe that one race is better than any other.

          34. marburyvsmadison says:

            Very nicely stated, thank you.

          35. Frank says:

            I do not believe one race is better than another. i do believe that the races are different. Very different. It can be witnessed in the civilizations created by each, the literature and the belief systems to name some examples. I believe race is important. I am White and think that my race should survive. I witness a program displacing and eliminating Whites sytematically and i get concerned. What is happening in Detroit in my opinion is just the start here in these United States. Whites have a right to live. I WILL fight to my dying breath to make that happen.
            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White

          36. redleader45 says:

            This entire conversation boils down to a difference in perspective. You see the breakdown of racial barriers as a direct attack on Caucasians. When in all reality, it is merely an evolution of the human species to a place of higher understanding. Transcending the boundaries of race is not a deliberate attempt to stratify one race or another.

          37. Dave Burrier says:

            You certainly do not qualify as a “backward, bigoted redneck” but if you identify with their narrow views, I can only say that you are wrong. Coke is doing a great service to our country in bringing people together and promoting understanding. I believe they will rerun the ad soon.
            I enjoyed your take on Pat. That really makes a lot of sense. (He could be locked up in a mental hospital also)

          38. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            I think the “rednecks” have much to say, but they are the wrong one’s saying it, because what “good” they may be able to contribute is more than offset by their overall destructiveness. They were, after all, the critical base of the Liberal movement of the 30’s and 40’s (led by brilliant thinkers of the times, now very absent) and have now largely shifted to the right/far right.
            Based on my understanding of societies and history, I am not at all sanguine about where the drift of our nation seems to be heading re: language fragmentation and diminishment; however, I do hope that my view is very wrong and that your view is the correct one, and that we, as a nation, are heading for much better, stronger days.

          39. Fatima says:

            Got an awfully big ego, doncha?

          40. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Pat. translated: “The prison library has 800 books written at a 6th grade level and I plan on reading one eventually, once Bubbah stops “stalking” me – in the meantime, I am hanging with my Aryan Nation buds, doing meth, and online to “Storm Front”.
            “Pat.” is code for “I’m in for 30 to life”.

          41. Frank says:

            Like to attack everybody who doesn’t agree with you and call them names don’t you Edward. What a tool.

          42. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Someone suggested that “Mice in my head Frank” and “Pat'” may not be in prison, but instead, in a mental ward. I suggest they may be ward mates.
            “Frank” is code for “Mice in my head.”

          43. Frank says:

            Again no substance just attacks.

            Name ONE single non-white country who’s people are at risk of becoming a minority.

            You can’t, there are none.

            Name ONE single white country who’s people AREN’T at risk of becoming a minority.

            You can’t, there are none.

            That’s because there is a program of white geNOcide.

            They say it’s “anti-racist”, but it’s simply anti-white.

            Anti-Racist is a code for Anti-White.


          44. Fatima says:

            If someday, an African or an Asian country becomes a well-developed, wealthy country, people from poor, “white” countries may want to move there, to have a chance at a better life. If the people already there say that they don’t want any white people, and claim brown/black/yellow genocide, then yes, they would be racist.

          45. Frank says:

            You support genocide. Plain and simple. This is a White country, conquered by Whites and civilized by Whites. And it needs to stay that way.
            As a woman you of all people should understand what it means to live in a White country.
            Tell me about the life of a Woman in Iran, China or Nigeria. All non-White countries and ALL hugely repressive of women. If you are not raped or beaten for not being a good little woman, your children face a grim future especially if they are female. And you are TRYING to get there.
            Anti-racism is a codeword for Anti-White.

          46. Fatima says:

            Nice generalization. All “non-white” countries are not the same. And American women still have very high risks of being raped. Remember, America was once a “third world country” where women had few rights. So, someday, the tables may turn so that today’s developing nations are tomorrows developed nations, and vice-versa.

          47. Frank says:

            OK then China. Or Iran. You avoid the question. But get rid of Whites and that is going to be where you live.

            Your anti-White view of history has affected your judgement. When has America been a 3rd world country? You don’t know what you are talking about.

            But women have rights now. AND we push for women’s rights around the WORLD. Plenty of places where you would be killed or injured if you uttered anything like you are writing here, safe in your White world.

            So stop the hypocrise and admit it, you are just anti-White and support genocide.

            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

          48. Fatima says:

            Iran, I guess. But China, no freaking way. It’s actually a lovely country, btw.
            Puritanical times. I guess it technically wasn’t a country then, but it was incredibly impoverished by the times standards.
            Or how about the Gilded age when most people lived in tenements?
            Plenty of women in those countries are also pushing for women’s rights. Half the Sky is an excellent documentary showcasing these women.
            My point is, at this specific point in history, the “white countries” have the best human rights, except for maybe Taiwan, but it hasn’t always been this way, and it won’t always be that way.

          49. Frank says:

            So why do you want to help destroy what Whites have created? We did it in under 200 years. They have been at it for 1000’s and still aren’t even close yet.

            I will agree with you on one point. it won’t always be like this if we don’t stop the program of genocide against White people.

            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

          50. Fatima says:

            Someone doesn’t know history. While the “white” Europeans were in the throws of the dark ages, the middle east, Muslim Spain, India, and China were beacons of education and culture. So wtf do you mean by not close yet? They got there long before whites did.
            How are immigrants going to destroy what whites have created? Can you explain?

          51. Frank says:

            They had all that extra time, 1000’s of years, and yet TODAY still lag behind White countries in their treatment of women.

            So the infant Chinese girls that are NOT forcibly aborted have as good a life as a woman in a White country?
            Women in middle eastern countries are trying to get the priviledge to drive much less get a vote or get equal pay and such.
            The only reason you can even type what you are typing is do to Whites. Freedom of speech is a very White thing.

            Anti-racism is a codeword for anti-White.

          52. Fatima says:

            You know what I am?
            What’s my favorite color?
            What’s my favorite tv show?
            What’s my bff’s favorite food?
            What color are my eyes?
            What’s my favorite book?
            So do you REALLY know me?

          53. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Pat. knows how to draw a swastika, but that’s about it.
            Pat’s. copy-cat screed and so called “sources” is essentially identical to that used against the Jews, the Poles, the Irish, the Italians, the Greeks, the Germans, the Catholics, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Mormons – even against the Anglicans by the original Puritans (Pat. will have to look that up) – and of course the list is endless.

            As for Fatima; she has nowhere given any reason to believe she is interested, inclined, motivated or in any other way determined to kill anyone. Pat. on the other hand is in his posts fomenting violence against her – a crime everywhere in America – although it sounds very much as if Pat. is posting from a prison already.
            The Pats. of the world always kill themselves first with their own poisons.

  6. Mr. Sequel says:

    In this related video we find a brief overview of the serious security risks of the Obamacare Website:

  7. Thomas Aquinas says:

    Most scientists realize that we greatly depend upon the whims of genius and circumstance during the voyage toward scientific discovery.

  8. Amanda B says:

    I’m a Soldier in the U.S. Army. I have been deployed and done my time defending our country and I have to say that I am disappointed….in the people who are speaking out against Coke. Those young women are all Americans! They are all here to live the dream. We are the land of the free, we are a land of many types of people. Why add more hate to the world by speaking negatively on a message that is just saying that no matter what backround you are from or what language you speak that you are still an American. I only speak English myself, but I do not hate on others who speak languages aside from English. Something that those ignorant people should notice is that all these girls are American..they all speak English very well, but they also speak their cultures language and I just don’t understand why that is so bad. These people should be ashamed of themselves. Those girls are so proud of what they did and they should be. They are the future and we need more of them!

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      The issue is not the girls. They were cravenly used by those who produced and directed the ad. Let those people speak for themselves and see how much different the “ignorant” response to the add is. Hiding behind children is something terrorists do.

      If you actually served; Thank You.

      1. Fatima says:

        Seriously? You’re comparing this commercial to terrorists? Congrats, that’s almost Godwin’s law. And if you look at the interview with the YOUNG WOMEN in the commercial, they are well aware of what they are doing, and most certainly are not being used.

        1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

          Now you are being obtuse – and I question whether someone else is now posting under your name.

          As you know, the comparison was, of course, developer/producer adults projecting their own views through children and not stating those views themselves, with the actions of terrorists who hide behind children rather than fighting in the open.

          As to “awareness”: The girls are children; children’s brains, particularly their judgment centers, are not even fully developed until 25 to 29 years of age. They are incapable by definition of being aware of their actions, their effects or consequences. As you raise your child you will, as we all have, become more than aware of this reality.

          1. Dave Burrier says:

            Edward, you are getting way off base here. We may have to send you up the river with Frank and Pat. : )
            The purpose of using young intelligent ADULTS was to show a promising future for our country. Would you have them use old farts like me(69)? They are not hiding behind these girls nor using them. The company stands proud with the logo of Coke out front. Your statements are not a true accounting of the ad. They are not redneck, but the rednecks would love you for it anyway.
            I do not know of scientific studies on brain development, but I am always amazed at the intelligence and maturity of many young people. I have read many essays by 16 to 24 year olds and they are far ahead of most of the posters on-line. People develop at different rates and some never seem to grow up at all.
            Every one says that the future is in the hands of the young. I think we need to respect that and give them credit where due.

          2. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            I’ll say Hi to “Frank” and “Pat” 🙂

            I’ve seen the essays; puerile and banal, excepting the rare soul who understands they know little to nothing and are hungry for experience – the final teacher.

            The idea that the young and inexperienced have anything of value to add to those who represent centuries of knowledge and experience is part of the trend toward galloping mediocrity that emerged in the 60’s and which has haunted us ever since.

            I was there and in the streets – we knew nothing and bought every lie we were given; the winds we sowed in ignorance then, have come back to us today as the whirlwind.

            “Gimme Shelter”

          3. Dave Burrier says:

            I did not mean to imply that the essays I referred to were a part of this discussion here. The essays, by high school and college students are hard copies concerning topics that interest me. I was just comparing these to many of the inane comments on here.
            You really have a very negative attitude about life and considering that you are very intelligent, I find it sad that you make statements that are just plain and simply,,,, False. Even a dummy like me can figure that out.
            And you are not even mentally ill like Frank and Pat.

          4. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Well, at least I have a reprieve on “mentally ill” – for the moment. (-:}
            I was once a “True Believer” myself. I have now watched the Nation become a shadow of its former greatness under the shouting’s of, first the Left, of which I was one for 38 years, and now of “Progressives”, their past actions having completely discredited their hijacked name of “Liberal”, which they are anything but. Liberals’ having escaped to “Independent” or “Decline to State” categories (old line Conservatives as well, although we do not share the same views)
            Too much the student of History, Economics and Politics, I think the next five years, or less, will see a culmination of mediocrity and decay that will create a backlash not witnessed in America since the Civil War.
            Tragically, backlashes take the bad as well as the good with them. We will see voices like “Frank’s” and “Pat’s” rise for a spell and create considerable damage in the process. We will survive the backlash, but we will never be the same because of it and will likely have lost some of our Liberty. I do not wish for it, I will despair at witnessing it and I hope I am profoundly wrong.
            Unfortunately, I have a nasty track record of being, quite unpleasantly, correct, having watched, in dismay, as most everything I have feared since the ’70’s come to pass.
            “Gimme Shelter”

          5. Fatima says:

            So young people have never, ever, ever, contributed anything positive to society?

          6. SOTB says:

            Ed – That’s a total misread of the research on adolescent corpus callosum development. And the age limit is 25 not 29.

          7. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Professionals with of hundreds of years of aggregate experience would not agree.

          8. SOTB says:

            I challenge that statement…

          9. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Terribly impressive – SOTB must be 22.

          10. SOTB says:

            Oh no I don’t challenge you that adolescents have MANY challenges in cognitive abilities up until 25 or so years of age. I just wouldn’t be so damning of their mental acuity and achievements as you are overlooking child prodigies and such. My son is 30 years old and I think his pre-25’s where a bit rough. But he smoothed out post-25. I think he’s a real sharp tack now. Albeit, I wouldn’t trust him with a car at 17.

      2. Amanda B says:

        I’m still currently serving. I don’t think the people in charge of coke are a bunch of terrorists or were using these girls to hide behind. They were showing everyone what is beautiful about America…which is that people from all over come here to have a better life and that no matter what culture their roots originate from they are Americans and our diversity is what makes us so beautiful as a country. People are just taking this the wrong way as usual. They want to whine about a coke commercial and boycott coke while we have an individual in office ruining us…And nothing is done…I just find that comical

        1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

          Amanda may be in the Service, but she is certainly not serving American values or culture. Curiously, the President she apparently despises and to whom she is subordinate, supports her views on “diversity”, a malady that is “ruining the Nation”.

          1. Amanda B says:

            Just because I don’t hate other cultures doesn’t mean that I’m not serving American values and I never specifically mentioned the president either. I would ask you to define American Culture and the values for me though. Also, just because someone doesn’t hate diversity doesn’t mean they have the same view as another so please don’t tell me who I do and don’t support.

          2. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Amanda’s quote: “….while we have an individual in office ruining us…And nothing is done…”
            If one reads her posts as one, the level of her confusion and lack of information becomes remarkable.
            One hopes she has no complex duties to perform – if she actually serves.

          3. Amanda B says:

            Level of my confusion? I’m definitely not confused, but because I do serve I do have to be careful about what it is I say. I like how you keep saying “if she actually serves” to try and get a rise out of me, but I know what I do for a living.Someone like you is not worth it. I’m just making a point that there are things going on a lot bigger than a coke commercial for people to be upset about. A side note… I like how you neglected to define American Culture and Values. Oh well at least I didn’t have to read something you got off of google or some other site. That being said I’m pretty much done with our little conversation. You have no idea what I do while serving and the things I did while I was deployed or their complexity. I find your lack of respect and condescending attitude toward everyone to be very petty. It sounds to me like you are a miserable person who is not worth talking to, so this is the end of my responses to you.

        2. Dave Burrier says:

          Thank you Amanda for 2 fine posts. You are a credit to our country and humanity.

          1. Amanda B says:

            Thank you for your understanding.

          2. Paul Hoskins says:

            Nerdy old queen

  9. tracymae says:

    Good bye coke!

    1. Fatima says:

      Yes, how dare they reference that there is more than one language in America! What a horrible thing for them to do!

      1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

        Disingenuous and below your abilities.

        1. Fatima says:

          Nothin’ wrong with a little sarcasm, IMO.

          1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            Sarcasm is not the issue, as you well know. Your avoidance of the issue and flippant promotion of multiple languages are at issue.

          2. Fatima says:

            Heck yeah I’m promoting multiple languages. Seriously, there’s nothing wrong with it. Nada.

          3. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

            “Fatima’s” posts, in the aggregate, have given us a reasonably good picture of her feelings toward America and Americans. We withdraw all of the defenses we have posted on her behalf (but not of the unnamed others, as we have no clear evidence of their feelings) and wish for her speedy return to her homeland – for clearly it is not America and she is no American in any sense that matters.

          4. Dave Burrier says:

            That is a terrible thing to say about Fatima or anyone else. You need to apologize big time. You are being un-American.

          5. Fatima says:

            So let me get this straight. Because I support people’s right to speak a language other than English in America, it is clearly a sign that I am not American, and deserve to go back to a country where me, my unborn daughter, and my feminist husband will be treated like crap.
            Are you even reading what you type?

  10. Talvrae says:

    Wow you now that adds is actually pretty swerrt, how is that such a contreverse? America was built on immigration isint it?

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:


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