Coke’s ‘un-American’ Super Bowl ad sparks instant, intense outrage

While Pepsi chose to honor America’s Armed Forces with a special segment during the Super Bowl half time show, Coca Cola decided to celebrate the diversity of the country with an ad that sparked instant outrage on social media.

Coke’s description of the ad called, “It’s Beautiful,” read: “The only thing more beautiful than this country are the people who live here. Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.”

The ad showed America’s multicultural and diverse citizens, including the first ad in Super Bowl history to feature a gay couple, going about their lives while the song “America the Beautiful” was being sung in different languages.

Reaction was fast and furious on both sides, with conservatives reminding that this is America where English is spoken, and liberals responding that there is no official language and everyone who says so is racist.

Perhaps tensions were high because one of the languages the very American, patriotic song was sung in was Arabic and the game was being played right across the river from where the Twin Towers came down on September 11, 2001.

Watch Super Bowl’s stunning rendition of US national anthem sang with dignity

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2,201 thoughts on “Coke’s ‘un-American’ Super Bowl ad sparks instant, intense outrage

  1. markscraig says:

    I am very conservative and say this is a compliment to the US. We are a melting pot of all nationalities and with that I say that the US is beautiful in any language. My grandparents (maternal) were Italian and spoke very broken English and I would have been hurt if someone had put them down for speaking their native language. I suspect that when people say ‘speak English’ they are just jealous they don’t understand what that person is saying. Yeah I don’t like the press 1 for English as I think it only supports Hispanics and I suspect that has people more upset by that then singing this song in many languages. And most of all if you are going to comment here or anywhere (online or otherwise) be constructive and please, please no hate. It just demeans you and your comments.

  2. Scarlet LeMay says:

    No more Coke for me!!

  3. Scarlet LeMay says:

    The official language of America is English ,you Liberal trolls. Go take a walk in one of their countries ,if you want to be so superior in your tolerance of Muslims. I hope you still have your head for long.

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      Although not “official” in the legal sense, it is the accepted, formal, and defacto official language of the US- as it should be based on practical consideration alone.

    2. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      You are correct; however, that would be in the world of Leftists – who will embrace any enemy and betray any friend – not in the world of Liberals, of which there are comparatively few left, having been shouted down and forced out by Leftists.

    3. redleader45 says:

      You’re nothing more than an elitist. Driven by some need to assert yourself as a superior being. The people with tolerance are far from superior, in fact, I would venture to say that they see themselves as simply being human. They accept the truth that every man, woman, and child of every race and creed deserve respect. This is not an argument of religion, nor is it a fight about politics. This is about human dignity and striving to be a person who does not meet ignorance with more ignorance.

  4. Liberalism is Nonsense says:

    Just as collectivism claims that society somehow magically exists apart from those who comprise it, collectivism also claims that society’s knowledge magically exists apart from those who know it.

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      You are correct; however, that would be in the world of Leftists, not in the world of Liberals, of which there are comparatively few left, having been shouted down and forced out by Leftists.

  5. SeanP says:

    Why do you need an excuse to stop drinking empty calories? I lost at least 15 pounds after I gave up drinking soda. As to the person who said what would we drink? Tap water is fine in many places, there is bottle water not owned by Coke or Pepsi, coffee, tea, various fruit juices…. there is plenty to drink with high variety once you can see past the soda can.

    1. SOTB says:

      I go to springs in my state. President Bush allowed too much arsenic in tap water and sodium fluoride is totally UNECESSARY and dangerous in our tap water too. Coke and Pepsi is bad for you in ALL forms including DIET. Add lemon (or tea) to your spring water with some cactus sugar (Stevia) and you’ve got a nice benign refreshment that won’t kill you eventually.

  6. redleader45 says:

    You know it’s not like The United States is not multicultural, we are consider a “melting pot” for a reason.

    It seems that both sides of the aisle want there to be some sort of standard for the way American businesses conduct themselves, specifically when advertising. But we forget that these companies are not just American companies, they’re international entities who sell products around the world. They also employ a wide variety of cultures; who I would venture to guess watched the Super Bowl. So to me, Coke’s commercial, is about as American as any commercial could be. We are a nation of many cultures and to be enraged by Coke, who chose to show us that during one of the most watched televised sporting events, is just perpetuating an archaic belief.

    1. 1EDWARDRMORROW1 says:

      “red” knows that “Melting Pot” and “multicultural” are mutually exclusive terms. She also knows that the melting pot has largely stopped functioning as the Left trashed America and encouraged every low life and screw up around to “cling to there ignorance”.
      A nation is defined by its borders, language and culture. There is one America, one language and one American culture. As the Left proceeds with its attempts to destroy the nation, it will be destroyed along with it, due to its own “internal inconsistencies”.
      The Left and the Right are each comprised of low intelligence parrots, unable to operate outside their talking points.

      1. redleader45 says:

        I would agree that a nation is defined by its borders, language, and culture but to say that America is comprised of just one language and one culture would be denying the legitimacy of those various cultures that are indeed a part of the fabric of the American culture. Not to mention the geographically flawed statement, “one America”.

        Now of course there are a lot of bad apples; people who manipulate an inherently flawed system. But you can not discredit the existence of just as many “good apples”. These people are here legally, pay taxes, get railed by an economic system designed to break us. Their right there with us, through thick and thin, and you want to deny their existence. For what? So you can keep blaming a political party for a problem that clearly transcends politics and comes down to just common decency.

  7. Melissa Katsmom Votano says:

    They said they wanted to “teach the world to sing”…..maybe they should have stuck with that.

  8. LST says:

    It sounds good in Tagalog, at least the Philippines is a true friend & ally to the US. One of the few. And Filipinos are good people, I spent several years living in Cebu.

  9. muslimmustgo says:

    Typically legal immigrants to our nation assimilated into the American way,they wanted to be American and typically adhered to American traditions,so no excuse for their diverse crap!!

    1. redleader45 says:

      Looking past your lack of a basic understanding of the English language and your bigotry; I can see a person who does not truly understand individuality. The diversity of an individual should not and can not be defined by their nationality. So to be American should not entail the abandonment of previous beliefs and traditions to “assimilate” into our culture. On the contrary, it should be an acceptance.

      People do not necessarily come to America to adhere to our traditions, in fact, they more than likely do it for the opposite reasons. You, for example, merely adopt the American way because it aligns with your personal beliefs and standards. Imagine that it didn’t, how much differently would your life be?

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