Anti-gun moms mad at ‘The View’ for inviting Dana Loesch; free speech only for libs

The opinions starting shooting across Twitter almost as quickly as the announcement that conservative talk show host Dana Loesch was set to appear on ABC’s “The View” on Monday, bringing her pro-Second Amendment voice to a forum where conservative opinions are more the exception than the norm.


Loesch has already blasted the “Young Guns” special ABC aired Friday, accusing “ABC World News’ host Diane Sawyer of exaggerating a non-existent “epidemic” of accidental gun violence involving children, so the topic of conversation was a given. (UPDATE: Check out Loesch telling her “View” hosts how she went from liberal to conservative.)

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But Loesch’s view is one libs — including Moms Demand Action on Gun Sense founder Shannon Watts — don’t want on “The View.” Here are a couple, with thanks to

Well, anyone who can stand watching “The Talk” is welcome to (and even more welcome to try it with a hangover some time) but there’s no excuse for avoiding Dana Loesch just because she punctures comfortable liberal fantasies about gun violence.

Fortunately, Loesch was on hand to hit back.

And she had plenty of supporters.

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