Video: Government crushes revolutionary beer delivery system for ice fisherman

An enterprising Minnesota brewing company thought the sky was the limit when it started a revolutionary way to get its product to the ice fisherman of the […]

Ann Coulter tells horror story: ‘My friend’s sister died today because of Obamacare’

When pressed on the negative impact Obamacare is having on average folks, Democrats choose to focus on those who are being helped by the healthcare law. But […]

Obamacare plug starring Richard Simmons in lurid web stream cost taxpayers $1.37 million

Facing a $78 million budget shortfall, California’s Obamacare exchange has spent $1.37 million to fund an outreach video featuring exercise guru Richard Simmons gyrating on the floor […]

Rebecca Stewart lost insurance
Mom who confronted Obama over lost insurance still without answers

A Kentucky mom who lost her preferred health care plan confronted President Obama Friday about Obamacare’s failings. “I’m probably not the only one whose had really a […]

Lizbeth Benacquisto
Florida State Sen. Benacquisto makes congressional run official

State Sen. Lizbeth Benacquisto announced Monday she will run for the open congressional seat in southwest Florida vacated by U.S. Rep. Trey Radel, R-Fort Myers. “Today I […]

Viewers furious Michelle Obama ruined the ‘Puppy Bowl’: ‘Is nothing safe?’

For some, Animal Planet’s annual “Puppy Bowl” is more sacred than the Super Bowl. CNN summed it up in a nutshell: . . .  the sublime result […]

Watch: ‘9/11 Truther’ crash Super Bowl MVP press conference

A post-game press conference featuring Super Bowl MVP Malcolm Smith was crashed by a “9/11 truther,” to the astonishment of all. “Investigate 9/11,” the unidentified man cried […]

Hillary Clinton
Hillary’s jab at Fox News during big game spurs painful reminders of Benghazi

The left was so tickled by Hillary Clinton’s Super Bowl tweet jabbing Fox News that they couldn’t help but write about how many retweets and favorites it […]

Joe Namaths coat
Joe Namath’s Super Bowl fur coat lights up Twitter

NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Namath created a storm on Twitter Sunday when he arrived for Super Bowl XLVIII wearing his trademark fur coat. Broadway Joe […]

Lorne Michaels
‘SNL’ producer: Republicans have better sense of humor; Dems take it personally

“Saturday Night Live” executive producer Lorne Michaels recently admitted that Republicans are easier targets to poke fun at than Democrats, but simply because Republicans have a better […]

Anti-gun moms mad at ‘The View’ for inviting Dana Loesch; free speech only for libs

The opinions starting shooting across Twitter almost as quickly as the announcement that conservative talk show host Dana Loesch was set to appear on ABC’s “The View” […]

Bill O’Reilly’s pre-Super Bowl Obama interview more combative than big game

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly sat down with President Barack Obama on Super Bowl Sunday for a highly contentious interview, with Obama blaming Fox News more than once for “promoting” a false […]