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Security for Super Bowl better than Olympics, authorities say

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Security has always been an issue at major sporting venues, but world events have elevated it to unprecedented levels for NFL’s Super Bowl XLVIII battle between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.

The FBI, CIA, the Transportation Security Administration and the Department of Defense will join forces Sunday to assist local police in helping secure the big event.

A temporary no-fly zone has been established around MetLife Stadium, which will be continuously monitored by helicopters in the air. F-16 fighter jets will also be ready to roll in nearby Atlantic City if needed, according to Fox News.

And that ain’t all. Trains and buses carrying fans to the stadium will be patrolled by agents with bomb-sniffing dogs.

Stephen Yates, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s deputy assistant on national security affairs, told Fox News’ “America’s News Headquarters” Saturday that he has more confidence in efforts to keep the Super Bowl safe than in Russia’s security for the Winter Olympics.

“Every square inch is going to be watched very, very carefully,” he said of the Super Bowl, adding that officers will be closely watching the behavior of spectators.

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