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Atheist group puts giant anti-Catholic Super Bowl sign at site of big game

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With Christmas behind us, atheists in search of new opportunities to display their animosity toward people of faith are turning to the Super Bowl.

And why not, considering that Super Bowl Sunday is all but a national holiday and has come to rival Christmas as America’s favorite day of celebration.

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American Atheists have placed an anti-Catholic ad on a digital billboard in East Rutherford, New Jersey, a half a mile from Metlife Stadium, where the big game is being played, according to a press release from the organization.

The ad depicts a priest holding a football and the message: “A ‘Hail Mary’ only works in football. Enjoy the game!”


“Prayer is superstition, plain and simple,” American Atheists president David Silverman said in a statement. “It’s 2014; it’s time to stop believing that prayer works.”

This is the same group behind the Times Square billboard that asked, “Who needs Christ during Christmas? Nobody. Celebrate the true meaning of Xmas!”

Challenged with selling the positive aspects of atheism — selling nothing is a tough act, unless you’re Jerry Seinfeld — nonbelievers seem to think that an ongoing campaign to attack religion is the better alternative. Sadly.

Tom Tillison


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