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ABC reporter attempts to create drama with photo of Romneys in NYC

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A reporter from ABC News found herself behind former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his wife Ann Sunday morning in New York City, and decided the newsflash was worth sharing on Twitter.

But that was just the beginning of the “adventure,” which was captured by Twitchy:

Journalist Liz Kreutz decided to make the most of the fortuitous happenstance by taking a photo and tweeting it along with a message that the couple “quickly scuffled” into a church.

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But did the message expose an apparent bias on Kreutz’s part? After all, it was Sunday morning and she made it appear as if the Romneys were making some sort of getaway — to scuffle is to “move in a hurried, confused, or awkward way, making a rustling or shuffling sound,” according to Google.

At least one Twitter user was only too glad to remind Kreutz of the obvious:

Nevertheless, Kreutz couldn’t help but share her exhilaration in a final tweet:

Tom Tillison


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