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Poor, exhausted Michelle Obama: Valentine’s Day will be ‘low key’ after 2-week birthday blowout

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michelle obamaAmerica’s first lady, sounding exhausted from all her partying in Hawaii and at her 50th birthday party, said she and the president were going to “low key it” for Valentine’s Day this year.

During the most personal segment of her interview on a wide range of topics on the “On Air with Ryan Seacrest” show, Michelle Obama answered such mundane questions, like how she appears more beautiful with age and how the president will deal with his daughters beginning to date.

But when Seacrest asked about the first family’s Valentine’s Day plans, Obama said:

This year, again, I’ve had this big birthday celebration. My husband, really, you know, he celebrated me soooo well…He did a great job. I had a great couple of weeks.

So, I think that we’re going to low-key it for Valentine’s Day, It feels like we just finished celebrating my birthday.

Flowers for Michelle purchased on Barack’s personal credit card, perhaps, like in the movie, “The American President”? Seacrest asked.

Don’t be silly, that would “never happen” like in the movie. Why?

“There’s a florist in the White House,” she said. “It’s like, they’ve got really good flowers right down stairs.”

Heaven forbid Obama used his own money to buy flowers.

As to her extended stay in Hawaii, she said she was able to “catch up” on all the seasons of the ABC series, “Scandal,” during the long flight.

And then they all had a laugh at how no one watched Michelle watching “Scandal” because, you know, there aren’t any real people aboard Air Force One to see the first lady having so much fun watching her show.

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