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Planned Parenthood goes too far with graphic billboard: ‘Getting it on is free’

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Planned Parenthood billboard advertising free condoms in Memphis has local residents angered, not just by the message but the photograph it features.

“Getting it on is free,” the billboard says next to a picture of a condom, which some parents say goes too far, according to local CBS affiliate WREG.

“I was shocked,” Karen Wallace told WREG. “I was appalled that anyone would put up a picture of condom. The graphic was not necessary.”

Wallace said she drives by the sign every day on her way to work at a nearby church. Even worse, it can be seen from an elementary school crosswalk.

A dad who saw the ad for the first time appeared shocked, too.

“No, it ain’t nothing to send out to my kids,” Rickey Munn told WREG.

Planned Parenthood defended the billboards, saying they’ll be remembered for being edgy.

“A condom is not an explicit image, it’s just a piece of latex, and children see explicit images all the time on the Internet, in commercials and in the movies,” Planned Parenthood Memphis, CEO Ashley Coffield told WREG. “We are trying to promote healthy relationships and save lives.”

The sign is one of 12 billboards directing people to FreeCondomsMemphis.org in hopes of preventing the spread of HIV and sexually transmitted diseases. The organization plans to broadcast its message on more billboards in the spring, according to WREG.

Watch the report here via WREG News Channel 3:

H/T: Life News

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