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Gov. Jan Brewer reinforces hardline immigration; no amnesty, secure borders, throw illegals out

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Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer unleashed Friday on the “total failure” of the Obama administration on immigration and said she fully agrees with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that it’s time to secure America’s borders and not grant any form of amnesty to those here illegally.

Speaking with Fox News’ Stuart Varney, Brewer said she “absolutely” agreed with Cruz who said last week that the House GOP plan to grant legal status to undocumented immigrants is nothing less than “amnesty.”

But she went further, taking quite the hardline position that surprised Varney, saying she would throw illegal immigrants out of the country:

Varney: Would you call it “amnesty” if you give a legal pathway to citizenship whilst people, illegals, are still here?

Brewer: Yes.

Varney: You define that as amnesty?

Brewer: Yes.

Varney: You’re taking a hardline.

Brewer: Well, I am.

Varney: Would you throw them out?

Brewer, pausing for a moment: Yes

Varney: Wow. That’s a tough stance

Brewer conceded that maybe she was being “too harsh,” but reiterated that without securing the borders, no plan related to immigration would work. And she said it was “outrageous” that the administration hasn’t listened to the American people on this issue.

“We know we need immigrants,” Brewer told Varney who is an immigrant himself. “We are a country of immigrants. But, you know, we also are a nation of laws – we believe in the rule of law. Why won’t they secure the border?”

Watch the segment here via Fox News, then Watch employees react as they learn of Obamacare premium increases:


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