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Florida lawmakers to consider a ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’

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In an effort to stop school suspensions for fake guns of any kind, Florida lawmakers are proposing a measure like the one Maryland legislators dubbed the “Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act.”

The Florida House’s K-12 subcommittee proposal would not allow a child to get in trouble for “brandishing a partially consumed pastry or other food item,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Pencil guns, finger guns, drawings of guns and clothing that depicts guns would also be permissible.

According to the Sentinel:

In the last several years, Florida lawmakers have worked to dial back zero-tolerance policies, which were put in place in response to school shootings such as those at Columbine High in Colorado.

Critics have argued the policies, even if well meaning, have led to too many students getting in trouble for minor, often harmless acts.

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