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Diane Sawyer ripped for ridiculous ABC special that gives kids guns to prove point

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An investigative news report that aired Friday covering the accidental deaths of children from firearms was so riddled with absurdities, skewered statistics and experiments designed to yield preordained results that it was laughable.

During the ABC “20/20” report, called “Young Guns” and hosted by Diane Sawyer and David Muir, guns were planted in a St. Petersburg, Fla. elementary school classroom as part of an “experiment,” NewsBusters reported.

The results were predictable and proved nothing.

Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch issued a blistering rebuttal to the “investigative report” on The Blaze, and sent this tweet with an attached YouTube video:

She then added this postscript:

Sawyer also revealed some startling statistics during the “20/20” report.

“The study, tonight, revealing that 7,391 children rushed to the hospital every year with those gun injuries,” she claimed. “So often, accidents in the home. Four hundred and fifty three of those children die at the hospital.”

What she failed to mention, however, is that those deaths include “children” up to the age of 20, and the overwhelming majority of them were crime-related and not accidents in the home.

Emily Miller, The Washington Times’ senior opinion editor and author of “Emily Gets Her Gun,” found a better way to spend her time Friday night instead of watching the “20/20” segment:

Sawyer took to Twitter, and even suggested that parents check to see if their neighbors are gun-owners, which got this response.

Sawyer isn’t the first, and won’t be the last, to ratchet up claims relating to guns. The Washington Post awarded President Obama three Pinocchios last year for claiming that “40 percent of gun sales lack background checks.”

The danger of statements like this is that most people remember the original claim, and often miss the rebuttal.

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