first Lady
Laura Bush says future first gentlemen should ‘stand back and be quiet’

Former first lady Laura Bush doesn’t believe presidents’ wives should be paid for their duties while their husbands serve as president. “I don’t think so,” Bush said […]

scar jo
‘Sorry, Coke and Pepsi’: Sexy Scarlett Johansson’s Super Bowl ad, uncensored

There is a lot more behind the steamy Super Bowl commercial for SodaStream than meets the eye. The ad, featuring sexy Scarlett Johansson and bold tagline, “Sorry Coke and Pepsi,” […]

Ann Romney opens up, says it’s the country that really lost in Mitt’s election

Ann Romney sat down Friday with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer to discuss the new “MITT” documentary about her husband’s long journey for the White House. “That was […]

Coach Marco Rubio
‘Coach Marco’ releases inspirational video for football weekend

In some circles, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., may be considered a 2016 presidential hopeful, but at home he’s “dad” and “coach.” “I don’t know of any […]

michelle obama
Poor, exhausted Michelle Obama: Valentine’s Day will be ‘low key’ after 2-week birthday blowout

America’s first lady, sounding exhausted from all her partying in Hawaii and at her 50th birthday party, said she and the president were going to “low key […]

Diane Sawyer ripped for ridiculous ABC special that gives kids guns to prove point

An investigative news report that aired Friday covering the accidental deaths of children from firearms was so riddled with absurdities, skewered statistics and experiments designed to yield […]

Jan Brewer
Gov. Jan Brewer reinforces hardline immigration; no amnesty, secure borders, throw illegals out

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer unleashed Friday on the “total failure” of the Obama administration on immigration and said she fully agrees with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz that […]

Dem. state lawmaker convicted of beating woman continues to serve from prison

In a case that depicts the real war on women, a Democratic state lawmaker in Massachusetts was convicted in January of beating a woman when she refused […]

Dinesh D’Souza’s one-on-one debate with Bill Ayers, exclusive Hannity interview

Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza said Friday he is “undeterred” by the indictment on campaign finance charges and is “marching full speed ahead” on his upcoming […]

BB 1
Political newbie pays for slam dunk Super Bowl halftime ad to call out Obama

A political novice is jumping into the race to fill U.S. Rep Trey Radel’s seat in a huge way — with half-time Super Bowl ads directed squarely […]

Florida lawmakers to consider a ‘Toaster Pastry Gun Freedom Act’

In an effort to stop school suspensions for fake guns of any kind, Florida lawmakers are proposing a measure like the one Maryland legislators dubbed the “Toaster […]

Maher CMT mass shoot
Bill Maher ‘jokes’ conservatives should have a ‘mass shooting at the Country Music Awards’

Vile far-left comedian Bill Maher is known for crossing the lines of decency, where no topic is off limits, even mass shootings. Appealing to a niche audience […]