Watch employees react as they learn of Obamacare premium increases

News footage captures despair on the faces of employees of a small business — the heartbeat of America’s economy – when they learn how the Affordable Care Act will impact their group health insurance plan.

ABC affiliate WTAE-TV was there when a company insurance agent handed the owner and employees of Simonetta’s Collision Repair Center their new benefits sheets and premium costs.

“They call it the ‘Affordable Health Plan.’ There’s nothing affordable about it. I can’t afford it,” one Simonetta worker, identified only as Jeff, says on the video.

Premium increases are only part of the story. Deductibles rose from $1,250 to $2,000 — $4,000 for employees with children. Co-pays to primary caregivers doubled from $20 to $40 per visit.

The company’s owner, Gary Simonetta, was hardest hit — his premium increased by more than $500 per month.

Since’s Oct. 1 rollout, we’ve heard many stories of cancelled policies and skyrocketing costs. But this is the first time we witness the moment when everyone in a small business learns how each has been shoehorned into a one-size-fits-all plan.

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334 thoughts on “Watch employees react as they learn of Obamacare premium increases

  1. sfcmac says:

    They got what they voted for. Sucks to be them.

  2. Last Bastion says:

    This video commentary states that generic drugs have gotten cheaper. Guess they don’t pay attention either because generic drugs are now skyrocketing as well.

    So many of us KNEW this was going to be a disaster before it was signed. Would you sign the papers to buy a house if you were only allowed to stand on the sidewalk and look at it? That’s what they did when they signed 0bamacare.

  3. larryg says:

    The Government definition for a small company are companies with 250 employees. This company is looking for insurance the same way they bought it before. Instead of a group policy these individuals can insure themselves through the the Affordable Care Act. My sister did, her Insurance went from $589.00 per month to $32.50 per month for the same coverage. They should not knock the program until they check it out. Why don’t they check for themselves its easy.
    The 5 million people who had private insurance that were cancelled because their policy was loaded with pre-existing conditions and no longer legal under law. They now have the option of buying from their previous insurance company with no riders or use the ACA for a better price. They should just check it out for themselves. We should have a great jump of people insured by the ACA. Truth not Lies should be your guide in life. Seek the Truth and the Lies will drop away.

  4. conservativeconnie says:

    Obama is not trying to help “us”. He claims to have wanted to give 30 million people access to affordable insurance that previously did not have access…….so, that means for all of us that already had insurance and their doctors, etc. we have to pay for the costs for the newly insured. Obama makes it easier to receive Medicaid, instead of having people having to pay “something” toward their benefits. It is all a scheme to get us ALL to single payer aka GOV’T RUN INSURANCE PROGRAM. We are going from having the best healthcare system in the world to a socialist substandard unaffordable one!

    1. seazen says:

      best healthcare system in the world? for whom, exactly? ours is far and away the most expensive; we have terrible epidemics of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, morbidity, etc. and millions have had no insurance. Do define “best.”

    2. Jeanne DeSilver says:

      “Socialized medicine is a keystone to the establishment of a Socialist state.” Vladimir Lenin

  5. danapointdad says:

    I quit buying health insurance… just not buying it anymore… cost went up and it was just not worth it anymore… if I need to see a doctor I will pay cash… if I get sick and have a big bill I will make payments… not going to be extorted or threatened by my govt. they can go piss up a rope.

  6. John Wright says:

    most people do not understand Obamacare was never meant to work , it is not about heath care it never was , Obama said it at the very beginning ( it is the key to everything ) and i knew when he said it what that meant
    obamcre is about braking the back of the American people
    it is about government s full control on not only over your heath but you money and your very lives

    it is about tracking the people , it is about crashing the market to start a one world money system , it is about depopulation it is about agenda 21

    and now it is to late to stop them .

    Dangerous world

    It’s a dangerous world we live in, from sea to shining sea.
    The ones who are to lead us don’t want us to be free.

    Led by an illusion most don’t understand,
    Speaking lies to blind us we’re following their plan .
    Taking all our freedoms, imposing more control .
    Crashing world markets then rebuilding for their goal.
    To create a one world order and seal the fate of man,
    where all who are left standing are slaves that they command.

    They go by many names, but all are in one mind.
    Working in the shadows to control all of mankind.
    Illuminati, Bilderberg, Agenda 21,
    Free masons, UN, World bank, and these are only some.
    Skull an bones, Bohemian Grove, Cremation of care .
    With many more across the lands to take what is not theirs.

    Monsanto breeding poison in all the things we eat.
    Vaccines that cause paralysis in the ones they treat.
    As they kill the innocent with arrogance and pride,
    they trample on our country for which many bled and died.

    Mock viruses like aids they spread across the land,
    reducing population is part of their own plan
    Camps that’s built in every state for when the day does come,
    that they declare marshal law on every mothers son.
    Coffins in the thousands are waiting in the fields,
    to hold all the bodes of the ones they kill.

    Unless the people stop them now this is what’s ahead.
    When they come to your own home your family will be dead.
    It’s time for those who are awake to let the truth be known,
    and make a stand against the threat of treason in our home.

    Holding those accountable for what they’ve said and done,
    take back the things they took from us our land, our rights and home.
    Let the world know just who we are standing firm with pride .
    our Constitution held up by our laws with justice truth and right

    Tomorrow it may be to late if we do not stand.
    The power is the people united in this land .

    Copyright © 2013 John Wright

    The Game
    The game is played behind closed doors, without the public’s eye.
    to win control of the world, and change our way of life.

    Each country plays their part within , decided by a meeting
    decisions have been prearranged and keep the media feeding

    They say it now is all for peace, and tell the people lies
    change the laws ,and take their rights , the people can not fight.

    Its funded by the money men who have written all the rules.
    to merge the countries all as one , the leaders are their tools

    They teach the children while in school ,the social way is good.
    democracy is now bad ,and that government should rule

    For years the game has now been played. without the public’s knowledge
    by propaganda in the news, and elective college.

    The money systems first to go will start the countries reeling
    crashing all the markets , no hope well be the feeling.

    with chaos in. all the lands ,and family’s with out food
    they will accept the new control, as something that is good

    A man will stand and proclaim ,peace to all of the nations
    and say he has a way to help and stop the situation .

    Ten will merge all as one and give him all their power
    then a treaty well be signed within that very hour

    Then the man will stand in power calling for a mark,
    to be placed on head and hand that’s when it all well start

    Copyright © 2012 John Wright

    Politics and all star wrestling has a lot in common .
    Both put on a good show but the outcome is decided before the game


    ( Today )
    Can you now see it ? Open your ears .The times are now changing ,there’s so much more fear.
    People are angry, and do not know why, seeing their lives, just passing them by.
    How do we stop it ? What can we do ? Its’ out of our hands. What is the truth ?
    All of this knowledge, yet nothing is real. life is a vapor, and truth is a pill .
    Lies that they gave us to keep us at bay ,we’ve eaten like candy and believe what they say.
    Yet Most know there’s something ,that does not feel right .But it’s just out of reach ,
    just out of sight
    All feel it coming faster each day , and know precious time is just slipping
    There is no more planing for the future to be. how can you plan for what you can’t see
    Tomorrow is coming today is now gone, it’s 12 o’clock midnight. It will not be long.
    Copyright © 2012 John Wright

    ( Tomorrow )
    Sitting and thinking of the days gone by, Watching the times change before my eyes.
    Knowing tomorrow will not be the same ,and yesterdays gone as fast as it came .
    Contemplating what now lies ahead .It can not be stopped from what they have said.
    All we have known is starting to change ,we have no more choice ,it’s all gone insane.
    Our freedoms all gone, our rights are revoked ,We watch what we say and how it is spoke.
    Most of us now ,Just keep to our self ,in fear of the lies that others might tell.
    No trust of our neighbors ,no trust of our friends, we hide what we have, and stock what we can.
    Each day is a test ,just to survive .Many we’ve known, are no longer alive.
    Some of them taken away in the trucks .Branded as traders for the freedoms they loved.
    Others just changed and went with the plain , now are informants in the governments hand
    A friend of mine died I herd them to say, they found all the food he had hidden away
    Oh how I now long for what use to be ,knowing tomorrow, that it Just might be me
    Copyright © 2012 John Wright

  7. justfedup52 says:

    I wonder if those people have voted for obama twice? If they did then they deserve what is coming to them…Suck it up…

  8. Aleta Friedrich says:

    The problem is, Do you think the government is even caring?

  9. @libnletlib says:

    Wow! This would be really terrible and shocking if it were true!

    These employees were not given ALL of their health insurance options!
    There is absolutely NO WAY they would pay those astronomical costs
    through plans on the federal exchanges in the state of PA! It sounds to
    me like they are being gouged by the
    insurance broker or this news segment was all one big scheme to
    discredit the healthcare law.

    They do NOT have to get their insurance through their employer
    or a broker. The owner does not even have to provide insurance to their employees because they have under 50. They have the power to get a better plan at a cheaper
    cost, not be tied to an employer because of health insurance, and will
    get rebates if the insurance company doesn’t spent at least 80% on actual healthcare costs!

  10. Texas Belle says:

    The Constitution means nothing if Congress and the President don’t follow or defend it. When the country gets a rogue President, we the people are irrelevant to him and what he wants to do–i.e. transform the best country in the world into a Communist nation with him at the helm. After that we get Hillary who is just as big a liar as he is and who lusts after power as much as her husband lusts after women.

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