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Round two: Megyn Kelly asks O’Reilly about upcoming Obama Super Bowl interview

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Megyn Kelly sat Bill O’Reilly in the hot seat Thursday night to press him about his upcoming interview with President Obama on Super Bowl Sunday.

O’Reilly, who last interviewed Obama before the big game in 2011, and was criticized a bit by conservatives for being “too soft” on the president, said this time, the interview will be “very precise, not philosophical,” like the last time.

“My questions are going to be so direct this time,” he said, “not any of the Barbara Walters’ questions.”

He said he isn’t a “grabber or a hugger,” so don’t expect to see a man-grabbing-type of handshake from O’Reilly.

Rather, O’Reilly described a “boxing match”:

There’s a firm hand shake, there’s eye contact, and it is like a boxing match. When the two boxers go into the center of the ring, that’s exactly the way it is when an alpha interviews an alpha. It’s a boxing match, okay? You look at them and you go, “okay, the bell is going to ring, let’s go.”

It’s on…

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Note: There will be a separate taped interview that will air on Fox News Monday on “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Watch the segment here:

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