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Powerful video: Politicians need a lesson in civics; ‘We are not the masses’

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The slickest rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address was released Thursday in a video by Free Market America, “#WeAreNotTheMasses.”

“This is our latest contribution to the national debate,” Ryan Houck, president of Free Market America, said in a press release. “For too long, environmental extremists—backed by a sympathetic Administration—have been free to pursue any policy, no matter how much it hurts ordinary Americans, under the guise of ‘environmentalism.’ We’re calling them out.”

Free Market America is a project of the conservative lobbying and advocacy group, Americans for Limited Government. Its stated “mission is to defend economic freedom against environmental extremism,” according to its website.

The group created a stir in 2012 with its video, “If I Wanted America to Fail.

Watch the new video via FreeMarketAmerica.org, then check out “Budweiser does it again! Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial ‘Puppy Love’.”


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