MSNBC flayed, forced to apologize over biracial Cheerios ad comment

The clueless folks at MSNBC stirred a twit storm of outrage that forced the network to delete and apologize for a tweet that painted conservatives as racists likely to hate a new Cheerios  Super Bowl commercial because it reprises a portrayal of a bi-racial family.

Here’s a screen shot:


A Cheerios ad last year that featured the same family drew a hail of hateful, racist remarks. But note how MSNBC casually interprets “racist” reaction to last year’s as “conservative backlash”.

And considering the latest salvo was coming from the same network that was forced to apologize for its disgraceful mockery of the Romney family because a son of the former Republican presidential candidate had adopted a black toddler, the real conservative backlash to the insult didn’t take long.

Conservative commentator and co-founder Michelle Malkin led with way …

And she had plenty of followers. Here are a few collected by Twitchy, from ordinary Americans who know being conservative has nothing to do with being racist (in fact, it’s really just the opposite) …

… to celebrities like “Justified’s” Nick Searcy, who defended interracial families the last time MSNBC attacked, too.

Eventually, MSNBC tweeted that the orginal tweet “does not reflect the position of msnbc.” That, frankly, is hard to believe. But just for the record …

Until next time, they mean.

Check out the new Cheerios ad here. It really is adorable.

And speaking of Super Bowl ads, check this out if you haven’t seen it yet: Budweiser does it again! Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial ‘Puppy Love’


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