RNC Chair calls for all Republicans to stop MSNBC appearances; demands public apology

MSNBC is learning it’s not enough to delete the tweet. Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus on Thursday demanded a personal and public apology from the president […]

Mark Carter
Black activists scathing response to Obama’s speech: We’re better off without you, ‘just quit’

A group of black Chicago activists, also known as community organizers, were asked for their opinion of the Obama presidency after he delivered his State of the […]

Dershowitz, legal experts say vindictive D’Souza indictment came from higher up

Famed liberal Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz joined other legal experts in slamming the Obama administration for targeting conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza for campaign finance law […]

BizPac Review
Children humiliated; school lunches taken away, thrown in trash over unpaid lunch bills

“Insane” is one way to describe what happened at a Salt Lake City elementary school Tuesday when lunch was literally taken out of the hands of a […]

Jon Stewart on SOTU
Think the GOP was harsh? Watch Jon Stewart critique Obama’s State of the Union address

Comedian Jon Stewart didn’t cut President Obama any slack Wednesday while giving a harsh critique of the State of the Union address. “Oh boy, strap in everybody,” […]

meat loaf, MK
Legendary entertainer, Meat Loaf, opens up about his politics

Rock ‘n’ roll legend Meat Loaf brought out Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s giddy, school-girl side for a moment when she sat down this week to ask about […]

Holder gets pounded in hearing by Senate heavyweights Lee, Cruz

Two Republican heavyweights put Attorney General Eric Holder through the wringer Wednesday, as Sen. Mike Lee grilled Holder on the constitutional basis for President Obama’s use of […]

Black students ask University to stop using racial descriptions in crime alerts

Black students and staff at the University of Minnesota have joined forces to ask that campus police discontinue using racial descriptions in school-wide crime alerts saying racial […]

cnn panel
Dems are running away from Obama; CNN takes notice

The most revealing testament to President Obama’s poor influence on his own party came when it was revealed Tuesday that a Democratic senator was looking forward to […]

States consider measures requiring gun buybacks be sold rather than destroyed

Lawmakers in two states have introduced legislation that places restrictions on firearm buybacks by state and local governments, prohibiting such programs in some instances and requiring that […]

MSNBC flayed, forced to apologize over biracial Cheerios ad comment

The clueless folks at MSNBC stirred a twit storm of outrage that forced the network to delete and apologize for a tweet that painted conservatives as racists […]

Greta Van Susteren: Do same government losers run Atlanta as Obamacare?

Greta Van Susteren went off the record Wednesday to ask viewers what Atlanta’s snow removal plan had in common with the rollout of the Obamacare insurance exchange […]