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Military families ‘livid’ over ad campaign, billboard erected near 9/11 Ground Zero

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Soldier and Muslim woman billboard

A controversial ad campaign featuring an American solder and a Muslim woman as a couple has since expanded to other markets and other media.

SnoreStop began advertising on a few Los Angeles billboards three months ago. Since then, not only have the billboards appeared in New York City’s Times Square, not far from 9/11’s Ground Zero, but they’re also expanding to TV ads.

Although opinion “is almost pretty evenly split,” families of service members returning from the Middle East “are livid,” and both Florida and Texas have rejected the company’s request to erect billboards in their states, Fox correspondent Trace Gallagher told “Kelly File” host Megyn Kelly Tuesday.

Kelly asked a panel of guests about their reaction.

“I lost my best friend on Sept. 11,” Fox News legal analyst and native New Yorker Arthur Aidala said, adding that he wasn’t “even a little bit offended” by the billboards.

Buck Sexton, national security editor for The Blaze, didn’t have a problem with the TV ads, either. “I’m somebody who served in the CIA, been in the field, trusted my life to Muslims at different times,” he said.

The ad was controversial because the Muslim woman depicted on the billboard wears a face veil.

“I think it’s personally oppressive,” Sexton said.

Washington Free Beacon writer Ellison Barber pointed out that the woman depicted in the TV ad wears a hijab — the least conservative Muslim head covering. Although that was fine with her, the billboard’s face veil was another matter.

“It’s a stereotypical depiction of a Muslim woman. There aren’t many Muslim women that are wearing that conservative type of dress,” she said. “It’s being used to suppress and demean women.”

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