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Gutfeld’s humor was better than drinking game to get through Obama’s speech

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The drinking game proposed by Fox News host Greg Gutfeld might have made the State of the Union more bearable for some viewers – and left some folks pretty thirsty Wednesday morning – but his running Twitter commentary while the president droned on made for some comic relief too.

From the Realtor-chic couture to the comical clapping, Gutfeld skewered the audience of D.C.’s best and brightest.

Gutfeld might say he’s had more fun at comic book conventions, but his tweets — and some of the responses — ought to bring out a smile.

President Obama’s grand entrance, to a room of applauding glad-handers, wasn’t all the impressive either.

So much for the warm-up. Gutfeld wasn’t thrilled with the performance, either …

   As the president detailed his accomplishments.

And if that didn’t sum up Gutfeld’s feelings on the speech, this tweet did.

Gutfeld wasn’t the only SOTU critic out here. Here’s a bonus tweet, with compliments to Twitchy.com:


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