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Former Bush speechwriter: ‘Obama has gone from blaming Bush to plagiarizing Bush’

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ThiessenFormer George W. Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen liked some parts of President Barack Obama‘s State of the Union speech, suggesting the remarks soundedeerily familiar.”

“Barack Obama has gone from blaming George W. Bush to plagiarizing George W. Bush,” Thiessen claimed during an appearance on Fox News following Tuesday’s address, according to Politico.

“Did the president crib off of George W. Bush?” host Megyn Kelly asked up front.

“It was eerily familiar,” Theissen replied, before offering some examples.

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”There were lines like ‘Our job is to help Americans build a future of hope and opportunity, a future of hope and opportunity begins with a growing economy, a future of hope and opportunity requires that all citizens have affordable and available healthcare, extending opportunity and hope depends on a stable supply of energy,’ all of that came from the 2007 State of the Union from George W. Bush,” he told Kelly.

Dylan Byers, media reporter for Politico, offered some insight into possible similarities:

A quick text compare shows that no lines were directly lifted from Bush’s 2007 speech in the one Obama gave on Tuesday. There are some minor similarities between the two: Obama use a version of the word “opportunity” more than ten times in his speech, Bush used the word at least eight times. Both speeches also ended with a moving story about a wounded veteran.

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