Budweiser does it again! Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial ‘Puppy Love’

It’s that time of year again and Budweiser hasn’t lost its touch for heart-melting Super Bowl ads. Enjoy!


54 thoughts on “Budweiser does it again! Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial ‘Puppy Love’

  1. kathin9 says:

    Big time thumbs up

  2. kathin9 says:

    Imagine that without one naked, twerking, cussing, humping, vile implication in it. Tell me anyone can do better.

  3. ranchdancer says:

    Actually this ad has a lot more than meets the eye…it’s got the heartland, a hard working rancher, the mom aspect when lovely neighbor retrieves the little runaway, puppy who knows what it wants, shows determination, try’s over and over to succeed even after failing a few times. The horses show strength in sticking together as well as working together. They are a proud team. Surely there is more, IMHO, Budweiser deserves a standing ovation.

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