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Yes, she did: Michelle Obama asks for $10 donations to ‘protect Obamacare’

Michelle Obama begging
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Obamacare is in trouble, and Michelle Obama is looking for your $10 donation to save it.

That’s right. On Monday, the day before her husband’s State of the Union address, the first lady sent an email to supporters asking for $10 donations to help Democrats in this fall’s midterm elections, fearing Republicans are a threat to Obamacare, according to the Washington Examiner.

The email from Obama said, according to the Examiner:

Friend —

Earlier this month, because of what you did, it became illegal for insurance companies to discriminate against the up to 129 million Americans living with pre-existing conditions. Young Americans are able to stay on their parents’ health care plans as they get on their feet, and we can now know that our insurance companies won’t put lifetime caps on our coverage.

You should be so proud of that. That happened because you organized, you talked to your friends and neighbors, and you chipped in what you could, when you could, to elect Barack and a Congress who supported his agenda.

Today, I’m asking you to do it again.

So before Barack gives his State of the Union address tomorrow, chip in $10 or more and help protect Obamacare:


Thank you so much,


Seriously? Not everyone found it patriotic, or even amusing, according to these tweets reposted by Twitchy:

And that was only the beginning. There was also this:

And these:

Send $10 to Obamacare tweet 1Send $10 to Obamacare tweet 2

It makes you wonder if we’ll hear the same from the president’s speech.

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