Krauthammer to conservatives: Relax, Obama’s executive orders a ‘pathetic’ bluff

Despite all the talk about the president having “a pen and a phone,” the bluster about how Democrats “can’t wait” for Congress, and justifiable fears that President Obama is overstepping the constraints the Constitution has built in to thwart dictators, conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer has some calm advice:


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Obama is bluffing.

In an interview Monday with Fox News Greta van Sunsteren, Krauthammer said Obama’s moves are unusual – and unconstitutional – but in the end will come to nothing. Because the United States is still a nation of laws, no matter what Democrats would like to do to it.

“What makes it sort of patheticis that it sounds like a tough threat and it is unconstitutional — it’s not how you ought to be president of the United States. But in the end, there’s very little he can do,” Krauthammer said.

Obama and his minions have tried the same tactic before, Krauthammer said, kicking of a tour three years ago, declaring “we can’t wait” for the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to do the president’s bidding.

“He said the same thing in 2011,” Krauthammer said. “It was announced by the White House as the ‘We Can’t Wait’ tour. And it was one statement after another: ‘I’m not gonna wait for Congress to act, I will do X, Y and Z.’”

Considering that the lawmakers of 2011 were elected in 2010 in clear rejection of the president’s bidding, that wait would have been a long one anyway.

But it’s not as long as conservatives will have to wait for 2016 to roll around. Thanks to the geniuses who wrote the Constitution, the country will have another shot at picking a president – next time with an appreciation for the job, and the country he’s supposed to be leading.

That includes getting along with lawmakers who might not agree, but whose election to office is just as valid as any president’s.

“He can’t even do what normal presidents have done — what a Clinton did, what a Reagan did — which is to work with the other side,” Krauthammer said.

“You get the impression he chose the wrong field. He doesn’t like what the presidency requires.”

Well, there’s always golf.

Check out the interview here.

H/T: The Daily Caller

Joe Saunders

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163 thoughts on “Krauthammer to conservatives: Relax, Obama’s executive orders a ‘pathetic’ bluff

  1. I believe Charles is right. But, I have been telling people since the first time I heard him speak that people become constitutional lawyers for to reasons: to protect it or destroy it. Obama’s goal is to destroy it.

  2. Connie Alsip says:

    Obama is a treasonous, traitorous foreigner who hates America. He clearly is not the president of the USA, but a non-betted progressive liberal (AKA Marxist/Leninist) who wants to turn the USA into a stinking Muslim caliphate, since he is a Muslim. I wish to hell the Congress would scrape their balls up and impeach the sorry SOB before he gets much further in his agenda. #ImopeachObama #TryObamaForTreason #GetTheMuslimBrotherhoodOUTofUSA

  3. RichardM73 says:

    I don’t think he’s bluffing. He will do as he pleases as long as Congress let’s him get away with it. As good ‘ol Glenn Beck put it — Congress will become ‘irrelevant’. Well, from what I can see, they are!

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