Greg Gutfeld’s State of the Union drinking game causing a buzz

A Fox News co-host has decided that the only way to watch President Obama’s State of the Union address is by drinking to oblivion, and he devised a drinking game to help you do exactly that.

“Our sorry state of the union calls for a state of inebriation,” “The Five” co-host Greg Gutfeld said Monday. “So here’s a drinking game for the president’s address tomorrow.”

He then listed the game’s simple rules.

“Every time he says, ‘Folks,’ drink,” Gutfeld said. “Every time he says, ‘Fair share,’ drink. Every time he says, ‘Extraordinary,’ drink. Every time he brags about working tirelessly, drink.”

Gutfeld went on with similar calls to raise one’s glass, making it clear that most people wouldn’t last 10 minutes.

Here’s Gutfeld’s suggestion, via Fox News.

Twitter users picked it up on the game right away, beginning with this observation:


There was also a call to action, which gave me a hangover just thinking about it:


Several also picked up on one of Gutfeld’s more colorful phrases suggesting that the president’s speeches were turning into their own brand of sedative. Here’s an example:


Read more comments via Twitchy, and be sure to check out, “Walker 2016? Limbaugh fired up about news that should have caused a ‘political earthquake’.”

Although the game sounds fun in theory, I personally don’t want to die of alcohol poisoning.

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146 thoughts on “Greg Gutfeld’s State of the Union drinking game causing a buzz

  1. Neda Bauer says:

    after 10 minutes you might be drunk enough to be able to stand the remainder of his speech.

  2. waybackwhen says:

    Love Greg G! In fact, I am suffering through this State of the Union address and I have not heard ANYTHING other that what Obama has been spewing for 5 years1
    He is going to create more jobs (with our money) he will be creating lots of non-polluting energy, etc!
    Just the same old BS!

  3. FireBlogger says:

    Far more fun to just drink without the TV on tonight.

  4. Frederikahere says:

    I could only stand 10 min. listening on radio. Had to pull over and duct my head to keep it from exploding. I would have been drinking but I was also driving at the time. Perhaps the real reason for pot legalization is so “folks” will find his speeches engaging, between munching cheetos.

  5. Dmdjaj says:

    Did anyone watch the same old tired sales talk? SAMs old BS he actually admitted he created less jobs! Great speech! He should just go back to Chicago Hawaii or Kenya just go and take Pelosi and Reid with him

  6. dixie williams says:

    I would have to be drunk to watch so I don’t watch because I don’t drink. so sad.

  7. Frederikahere says:

    Quite honestly I doubt there is that much alcohol on the planet.

  8. PCLEMSC says:

    Change the rules to mandate a drink every time he lies. Only make HIM the drinker.

  9. Thomas Nelson Hicks says:

    I joined in with Brian, Don’t remember who won, blacked out before half time ! Does anyone know the score ?

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