19 Senate Dems attack Hobby Lobby suit in Supreme Court brief

Nineteen Senate Democrats are lining up against Hobby Lobby in its battle for religious freedom against Obamacare, but in a sign of how politically toxic Obamacare is, virtually none of them running for re-election this year.


Photo: Politico
U.S. Sen. Patty Murray

According to a Yahoo News report, the 19 are filing a friend of the court brief supporting the Obama administration and the Obamacare mandate that forces employers to provide birth control that violates their religious beliefs.

In a year that bodes so poorly for Democrats that even the New York Times on Monday front-paged an election preview that discussed a possible GOP Senate takeover, the only senators who signed on to the brief who will actually face voters are Ed Markey of Democrat-safe Massachusetts and Dick Durbin in equally safe (if near bankrupt) Illinois.

The rest have seats that either aren’t on the ballot this year, or are retiring to escape the Obamacare train wreck they helped engineer.

Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit against Obamacare argues the law’s requirement that companies be forced to provide contraception that Hobby Lobby’s owners consider abortion – such as the Plan B pill that kills fertilized eggs — violates their rights under the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The company doesn’t object to providing insurance coverage that covers other forms of contraception.

That doesn’t stop, Sen. Patty Murray, the Washington Democrat who spearheaded the friend of the court brief, from trying to argue that the federal government is justified in violating religious rights of employers because denying Obamacare is like denying women the right to vote and “takes us back to a place in history when women had no voice or choice.”

Unfortunately, voters won’t have a choice this year on whether to keep Murray and her colleagues in office.


Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


116 thoughts on “19 Senate Dems attack Hobby Lobby suit in Supreme Court brief

  1. Cheryl Davis Miller says:

    The only thing Obama care has done is help more people get on Medicaid. What they don’t tell in the numbers is most of those signed up are signed up for it. It is a sham, step one in getting our nation into single payer, like Europe. Ask them how it is working for them.
    Obama Care [does he?]

    Chaos and calamity
    that’s what it is to me.
    Headline news keeps talking of
    Obama-care; does he?

    Has it ever crossed his mind;
    what all he has fouled up?
    Has his plan been from the start
    the health plan of Europe?

    Well if you haven’t heard it yet,
    their plan’s not working great.
    Need to turn our ship about,
    before we share their fate.

    What part of ‘ We the People,’
    can you not understand?
    This is still America,
    and not Chi-towns gangland.

    Go home Sir, before you destroy us.

    c.d.m. 12/26/13

  2. francis says:

    Miss Murray is going to be voted out and in 4 years Dems will be most unwanted and voted out, sad state to, you have ghost in your closet and see how they fade way

  3. quillerm says:

    How did the Government become so powerful that they can punish people for their religious beliefs. Wasn’t the iRS Targeting of Conservative Groups a lesson in Government excess.

  4. ram1020 says:

    Patty Murray likes to go off the deep end on abortion issues. The real problem is that law makers like her consider Planned Parenthood, with their state PACs and political muscle, to be the icon of Women’s Rights. The problem is that PP does less than 1/3 of the abortions, and generally operate in areas where there are other, more full service women’s care facilities available. By giving preference for government funding to this $2.6 Billion organization, these same politicians that claim to be protectors of women’s rights are siphoning off funds that should/could be going to more rural areas where only limited care is available. Murray, like many others, are just keeping campaign dollars coming in, campaign dollars that would be more beneficial to the cause if they were given directly to PP by its proponents, freeing government Women’s Health funds to be used where there is a greater need.

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