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Power grid attack could be ‘million times worse than 9/11,’ Judge Jeanine warns

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Judge Jeanine Pirro on Sunday delivered a grim warning about the vulnerabilities that face the American power grid, potentially open to natural disaster in the form of intense solar activity or enemy attack.

Photo: Fox News Insider Jeanine Pirro

“Who of us could ever envision 9/11 happening?” Pirro said on “Justice with Judge Jeanine.” “But the difference between 9/11 and what I’m about to tell you is that we know this can happen – the question is not will it happen but when will it happen. But Washington is doing little to prevent it.

“And the consequences would be a million times worse than 9/11.”

A successful attack on the national grid using electromagnetic pulses could paralyze the country’s military, law enforcements, medical and financial systems, Pirro said, while an intense solar storm could have the same effect.

“Even a blue ribbon congressional commission predicted a major catastrophe with mass American fatalities,” Pirro said.

And the country remains vulnerable because of questions about whose responsibility it really is to pay for protecting the country’s power, Pirro said.

“Private companies that control 85 percent of the grid think the Department of Defense should pay to improve the infrastructure and vice versa,” she said.

So why isn’t Congress acting?

Check out Pirro’s argument here and find out.



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