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‘The Kronies’ a brilliant action-figure spoof of Obama’s corrupt ‘capitalism’

Photo: The Kronies.com

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The Kronies are coming to a government near you.

The Kronies are a team of superheroes who star in a brilliant video send-up of Saturday morning action figure advertisements put together by the  scathingly funny  political-marketing firm Emergent Order.

Like a team of unholy X-Men from K Street, they use their government-granted superpowers to fight the  evil of entrepreneurship – creative productivity that threatens the destruction of closed markets and cozy profit margins reserved for the wired in.

No sector of crony capitalism is spared in the commercial, whether it’s unions (the team of Parts and Labor), Big Agriculture (in the form of Kaptain Korn), or the Big Banks (Bankor the Prophet is “part prophet and part profiteer”).

The team is headed up by Big G (guess who that is.)

The commercial itself is a riot (and pitch perfect), but the Kronies website is just as well done, and the website for its “manufacturer,” Chimera Global Holdings  is a hoot, too (company motto: “The Power of Connections”).

Check it all out.

It’s well worth it.

H/T: Independent Journal Review



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