Ted Cruz: Obama should use State of the Union to apologize for his Obamacare lie

It’s never going to happen, of course, but U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz had one important suggestion for President Obama on how to use his State of the Union address on Tuesday: Apologize once and for all for Obamacare and the big lie he used to sell it.

Photo: “This Week” screen shot
U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz

Speaking with Bob Scheiffer on the CBS program “Face the Nation,” the Texas Republicansaid Obama owes an apology to the country – and he owes it to the country to actually show he means it.

“You know, for the State of the Union, one of the things President Obama really oughta do is look in the TV camera and say to the over 5 million Americans all across this country who’ve had their health insurance canceled because of Obamacare, to look in the camera and say, ‘I’m sorry.  I told you if you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it,’” Cruz said.

“I told you if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.  And that wasn’t true.  I’m sorry.’  But then, Bob, here’s the real kicker.  If you’re really sorry, you don’t just say you’re sorry.  You actually do something to fix the problem. The pattern we’ve seen over and over again with this president is he says … he’s sorry and he expresses outrage but then he doesn’t fix the problem.  He keeps doing it over and over again.”

Cruz also put his own spin on last fall’s government shut-down, putting the blame on Obama and Democrats for being unwilling to negotiate some sort of delay in implementing Obamacare. That flies in the face of convention, which blames the Republicans in general and Cruz in particular for the shutdown. But what matters, Cruz said, was the principle behind the action, which was stopping Obamacare before it got started.

“You know, in terms of whether we should’ve stood and fought on Obamacare, I think the proof is in the pudding,” Cruz said. “Millions of people across the country have seen now why we were standing and fighting, because Obamacare’s a disaster.”

And, as everything that’s opened since has proved, that’s no lie.

Check out the interview here.


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