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RNC spokesman turns tables on MSNBC: ‘Your own network has problems communicating’

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A Republican National Committee spokesman told MSNBC host Alex Witt to check herself and her colleagues before picking on Mike Huckabee’s word choice on birth control.

Huckabee, who was defending the GOP from ongoing phony war on women accusations in a recent speech, has been pounded by liberals since his comments were taken out of context and misquoted by left-wing media.

When Witt prodded him to criticize Huckabee’s so-called questionable tone and choice of words, RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer turned the tables on her.

“You can probably look through almost every speech and find something that someone said that probably could have been worded differently,” Spicer said. “Look at your own network, frankly, Alex, between Martin Bashir, Alec Baldwin, Melissa Harris-Perry . . . your own network has problems communicating.”

Watch the exchange here:

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