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Reaction to Chuck Schumer’s vicious rant plotting demise of tea party

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The left continues to divide the nation into “us versus them” while labeling tea party conservatives as divisive.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly played a clip Friday from a nearly hour-long speech by U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., before the Center for American Progress. Schumer excoriated the tea party, as well as conservative talk show hosts and Fox News, saying they “spread their propaganda [of] negative, divisive and ultimately unfulfilling politics.”

Former U.S. Navy SEAL Benjamin Smith was the first to respond, pointing out that the politics of everyone Schumer compared to the tea party was progressive — not conservative.

Another panelist, Chris Hahn, a former aide to Schumer and host of “The Chris Hahn Show,” laughed throughout the last half of Smith’s explanation.

“Don’t laugh at him, Chris,” Kelly said. “That’s rude. Why are you laughing?”

“I think the senator was giving a very articulate communication of what the tea party has become,” Hahn said. “And he was comparing it to other movements that grew out of a fear of a changing America.”

A changing America? Enter former Congressman Allen West — an African-American conservative.

“Well, I think it’s quite laughable to say that the tea party is racist when people say that I’m, quote unquote, a darling of the party. But let’s talk about the constitutionality behind this,” West said, while Hahn cackled again.

“And Chris, you can laugh all you want,” West said. “That just shows your immaturity.”

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