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Unexpected inside story about backstabber Charlie Crist in MITT movie

Photo Credit Flagler Live (Mike Cohen)

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The Netflix documentary “Mitt” premiered Friday and it’s a safe bet the film will not be well received by former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist.

A one-time Republican who ran as an Independent in a losing bid against U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio in 2010, Crist is now a Democrat running once again for governor of Florida. And because of this history, he is fighting an image of being a man with few principles.

The new documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look at Mitt Romney‘s bid for higher office and adds to Crist’s challenge by documenting his last minute decision to back John McCain, CNN reported.

According to CNN:

The documentary captures the exact moment Romney finds out about Crist’s endorsement. An anguished-looking Romney, wearing a golf shirt and slumped in his hotel room chair, is informed of the news by phone.

In the next shot, his son Tagg delivers the back story straight to camera.

“Charlie Crist had promised my dad multiple times that he was going to stay neutral,” he says. “He talked to many people on our campaign and he promised them all he was going to stay neutral. And now he has announced he is going to endorse John McCain. Now it’s two days before the election. This is a big deal. It’s a tight race, and it’s probably enough to tip it in McCain’s favor.”

Romney was upset that Crist did not have the courtesy to call after he had promised to stay neutral — as we know, McCain went on to carry Florida in 2008.

The folks at Twitchy reported on the betrayal, posing the question: “Weasel or snake?” Which is all the prompting Twitter users needed:

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