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Trey Gowdy: House Republicans are scapegoat-of-the-day for Obama

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Instead of working with the Republican House, President Obama is more interested in turning it into a Democratic-controlled chamber, according to U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C. He told Fox News host Greta van Susteren, “he doesn’t have an interest in working with us.”

Gowdy was brought “On the Record” Friday after van Susteren played a collage of video clips of the president’s continued willingness to do by executive order what he’s unable — or unwilling — to accomplish through Congress.

Nonetheless, White House chief spokesman Jay Carney told reporters this week that the president wants to work with House Republicans on issues facing the nation.

“Jay Carney can’t cite a single, solitary example where this administration has wanted to work in good faith with House Republicans,” Gowdy said.

He went on to say that even though there are areas of agreement between the GOP and the president, his “politics over policy” governing style prevents him from doing so. He would rather campaign for a Democratic House majority than work with House Republicans.

“He wants to work with Speaker Pelosi, not Speaker Boehner, and that requires them to win in November and us to lose. And that’s what all of this is about,” Gowdy said. “There is a level of distrust, in part because we do believe his overarching goal is for John Boehner to be the minority leader.”

House Republicans are merely the scapegoat-of-the-day for Obama, Gowdy said. “And he’s tried natural disasters and he’s tried Fox News and he’s tried everything except himself, and now he’s gonna try House Republicans.”

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