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Neil Cavuto re-airs popular video of biased Clinton, Christie coverage by viewer request

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There was such “massive reaction” from viewers wanting to see Neil Cavuto’s video montage showing the media bias over Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi versus Chris Christie’s Bridgegate again that the Fox News’ host re-aired the video on his show Friday evening.

“No issue, no issue we covered this week,” Cavuto said, “framed the biased media world in which we live like these two stories and the way in which they were covered.”

“A tie-up at a bridge would appear to beat four dead in Benghazi. Hillary Clinton’s still a victim. Chris Christie’s still a bully.”

According to Cavuto’s research team, after Hillary Clinton testified on Benghazi, there were 71 headlines in the top 50 newspapers. Compare that to the 184 headlines in the same newspapers about Chris Christie in the days following the news of the bridge shut down in New Jersey.

“That’s not right,” Cavuto said.

“Sometimes news anchors need to shut up and let the news speak for itself,” Cavuto said, which is why the video compilation provoked such outraged response from viewers.

Watch here via Fox News:


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