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Gov. Rick Scott tells Sean Hannity to ‘come on down’ to Florida

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Florida Gov. Rick Scott told Sean Hannirty to “come on down” to the Sunshine State Thursday, in response to Hannity’s recent declaration that he would be pulling up stakes from NewYork and Florida was one of the destinations he was considering.

“You probably have to have a jacket today,” Scott said. “We’re in short sleeves, the ‘Fishing Capital of the World.’”

Hannity remarked “on a serious note” that he currently pays a 10 percent state income tax in New York, whereas Florida has no income tax, and unemployment dropped from 11.1 to 6.4 percent since Scott took office.

Hannity got a bit more specific on his timeline since stating Monday that he’d be moving from the Empire State because of remarks by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that New York is no place for conservatives. He’s now looking at making the move in about three years, he said.

After bantering with Scott, Hannity brought on National Review Online Editor-at-Large Jonah Goldberg for analysis.

“The left defines ‘tolerance’ these days as being incredibly warm and receptive to people who completely agree with them already,” Goldberg observed.

Watch the governor’s invitation, followed by commentary, via Fox News, then check out “Pentagon to relax uniform rules to make religious allowances; beards, turbans, jewelry OK.”


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