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Twitter users show MSNBC what they think of the state of Obama’s union

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Preparing for Tuesday’s State of the Union address, the liberal brain trust at MSNBC launched a Twitter campaign asking viewers to submit tweets showing their vision of state of the union in the fifth year of the Obama Era.

No doubt the Democratic NationDebbie Wasserman Shultz’s favorite “news” network was hoping for an endless stream of sugary, socialized contentment – streams of gay illegal aliens getting rapturously married and enjoying a Fire Island honeymoon with loads of free health insurance (including contraceptive coverage!).

Unfortunately for the progs, but fortunately for the freedom of the Republic, a boatload of entries followed not at all happy with the change Obama and his fellow travelers have wrought upon the land.

Here’s a sampling of less-than-ecstatic views of the State of the Union today, with compliments to Twitchy.com.

The universal symbol of distress …

Onward and upward?

The thanks of a grateful nation.

Here’s a sign of the times …

At least it’s empty.

And Detroit checks in …

A perfect metaphor for the progressive agenda. Lighter than air, but still disastrous. Oh, the humanity!



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