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‘Candy Crush’ makers seek to copyright word ‘candy’

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Shep Smith“Sweet.” “Tasty.” “Delicious.” You know who you are. Or you certainly know someone who is a “Candy Crush Saga” addict.

The British makers of the insanely addictive and popular online game – and financially successful, earning an estimated $1 million a day – have applied to trademark the word “candy,” and according to a new report from recovering “Candy Crush” addict, Fox News’ Shepard Smith, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is set to approve the request.

But should companies be allowed to trademark commonly used words like “candy?” Technically, “Super Bowl” is trademarked and copyrighted, as is “Olympics.”

Well, fear not. It’s not likely you will face legal action for hosting a “candy” sale or printing flyers for Halloween that use the word “candy.”

Fox News’ legal expert Mercedes Colwin told Smith the copyright of the word “candy” will apply to video games and the like. It wouldn’t be a “blanket” ban of using the word – which would be bad news for the old game, “Candyland.”

Watch the interesting segment before it all goes to hell after Smith introduces Colwin (for her very first time!) to the game:


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