Obama with Holder
Obama executive order to ‘cut red tape’ has added $10.2 billion in costs to economy

An executive order issued by President Barack Obama that was designed to “cut red tape” has added $10.2 billion in regulatory costs to the economy, according to […]

Obama blames unpopularity on Limbaugh, Fox News for making him into a ‘caricature’

The New Yorker on Thursday released excerpts of the much-discussed interview with President Obama that didn’t make it into print, and there was one stop-the-presses bombshell that […]

Law enforcement requested Verizon data more than 320,000 times in 2013

U.S. law enforcement agencies requested Verizon customer data more than 320,000 times in 2013, according to a recently published transparency report by the company. Verizon published its […]

Twitter users show MSNBC what they think of the state of Obama’s union

Preparing for Tuesday’s State of the Union address, the liberal brain trust at MSNBC launched a Twitter campaign asking viewers to submit tweets showing their vision of […]

louie gohmert, sean hannit
Sean Hannity to attend State of the Union with Louie Gohmert

It’s pretty hard to upstage the president and honored guests at the State of the Union address, but U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert may have accomplished just that. […]

March for Life: Hume says pro-life stand could gain upper hand soon

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume gave a riveting commentary on the widening moral gap between pro-life and pro-choice advocates on Wednesday’s edition of “Special Report.” […]

BizPac Review
Uber-overreach! Mandatory state pre-marriage education classes on the horizon

Put this in your pipe and smoke it Colorado, because you aren’t getting married without first attending state-mandated, premarital education classes – at least if the same voters […]

ABC reporter asks who paid for Michelle’s birthday party; Carney won’t say

White House chief spokesman Jay Carney deflected a reporter’s question asking who paid for the first lady’s 50th birthday bash at Wednesday’s press briefing. “The first lady […]

Shep Smith
‘Candy Crush’ makers seek to copyright word ‘candy’

“Sweet.” “Tasty.” “Delicious.” You know who you are. Or you certainly know someone who is a “Candy Crush Saga” addict. The British makers of the insanely addictive […]

Administration: Website problems so bad it could bankrupt insurance companies

Syndicated columnist and physician Charles Krauthammer is predicting “all hell is going to break loose” when the bills come due for Obamacare in mid-March, while new documents […]

shotgun shells
Gun owners beware: DC man faces jail for having empty shotgun shell

A successful Washington, D.C. businessman with a spotless criminal record is preparing to go to trial for possessing a single, misfired and inoperable shotgun shell in his […]

Marines at parade
Pentagon to relax uniform rules to make religious allowances; beards, turbans, jewelry OK

The Pentagon is relaxing its rules on dress and grooming for service members seeking religious exemptions while in uniform — including the display of religious tattoos and […]