Watch Bill Gates school MSNBC’s Mika on minimum wage; she didn’t like his non-liberal answer

Like most MSNBC personalities, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski feels no need to be subtle when pushing her liberal thoughts on the public. It works out well since the public can’t talk back to her.

Brzezinski found out Tuesday what happens when you have a business-savvy billionaire on as a guest and you ask him about raising the minimum wage.

Not everyone’s drinking the Kool-Aid on the $15 hamburger. And Bill Gates can obviously do the math on this issue.

Brzezinski did her best to load the question in favor of a typical liberal response:

“What do you think about the minimum wage? Should it be raised? And should we want to see models more like Costco – where companies pay their employees a lot more than the minimum wage?”

Microsoft’s co-founder wasn’t biting on that apple.

“Well, jobs are a great thing. You have to be a bit careful that if you raise the minimum wage, you’re encouraging labor substitution. You’re going to go buying machines and automate things — or cause jobs to appear outside of that jurisdiction. And so within certain limits, you know, it does cause job destruction. But, if you really start pushing it, then you’re just making a huge trade-off.”

After shutting down Brzezinski’s feeble attempt at arguing with him, Gates mercifully wiped the confused look off her face by saying, “these are complex issues. It’s not as simple as saying ‘OK just raise the wage’ and all of a sudden . . .”

Nice try, Mika. I hope you were paying attention. Watch out for those “complex issues.”

Clip from ( Joe Walsh) You Tube

H/T: Independent Journal Review

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81 thoughts on “Watch Bill Gates school MSNBC’s Mika on minimum wage; she didn’t like his non-liberal answer

  1. pat ange says:

    should be easy to get a machine to flip burgers and thousansa of other minimun wage jobs. Better watch who you are trying to strong arm. Might price yourself out of a job.

    1. DocHollywood_2 says:

      A local restaurant has an automated system that let’s customers select their order just like an ATM, then the order is cooked and you pick it up at the drive thru window. Cuts the number of employees by half.

      Another company makes a machine that fills prescriptions under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist and increases accuracy, checks for medication conflicts based on a customers medial prescription history, then labels and puts the correct number of pills in each container. Also cuts the number of pharmacists by half.

      People have had to improvise, adapt and overcome technology ever since someone discovered fire and started cooking meat rather than eating it raw. It’s just the natural progression of things.

  2. chuckie2u says:

    I dare say businessmen like Gates have their facts and figures straight and are not “Yes” men who sign documents without reading them like so many of our folks in Washington and media talking heads.

  3. Cheryl Davis Miller says:

    I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall, she is not use to anyone not agreeing with her socialist views, or at the least being ‘grateful’ to be in the presence of such beauty. She thinks.

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