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Sen. Tim Scott fires back at NAACP leader’s demeaning personal insults

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After NAACP’s president belittled Tim Scott, the nation’s only black U.S. Senator, Scott fired back, stating that if the African-American community wants to get ahead, it has to look to itself and stop seeking answers from government.

William Barber II implied that Scott, a Republican from South Carolina, is an Uncle Tom at a Martin Luther King event, when he remarked, “a ventriloquist can always find a good dummy.” He also implied that Scott’s appointment to the Senate by Gov. Nikki Haley was a sham.

Scott appeared on “The Kelly File” Tuesday and told Fox News host Megyn Kelly that Barber’s remarks were “absolutely ridiculous”, then spelled out why he joined the Republican Party:

“The best and brightest opportunities aren’t found by looking for the government to bring them to you, but is found by looking in the mirror and blaming yourself if you don’t succeed,” Scott responded.


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