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O’Reilly reporter makes celebs squirm with Obama questions at Sundance

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In this week’s edition of “Watters World,” Fox News producer Jesse Watters was sent to the Sundance Film Festival to see how Hollywood celebrities feel about President Obama, and the reaction to his presence was almost as funny as what some had to say.

With the exception of entertainer Wayne Newton, who said Obama will put an end to the theory that Jimmy Carter was the worst president ever, most who did talk to Watters regurgitated the expected liberal viewpoint.

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Actress Marisa Tomei, looking as beautiful as ever, couldn’t get away from Watters quick enough, suggesting he was being “provocative” as she beat a hasty retreat.

When actor John Slattery was asked if he was disappointed in Obama, he said, “No, not at all. I’m disappointed in Bill O’Reilly!”

But actor Mark Ruffalo, star of “The Hulk,” was the pinhead of the day, blaming the GOP for the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, claiming they cut back on protection for budgetary reasons — a completely false allegation.

Tom Tillison


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