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Jon Stewart brutally mocks Obama: ‘Not even the government trusts the government’

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Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart devoted his show’s introduction Monday night to a lengthy mockery of President Obama’s plan to fine tune the National Security Agency, all but calling the president a liar  — and a dull one at that.

Photo: Comedy Central screen shot via Independent Journal Review

Stewart, who infuriated his liberal friends by skewering the disastrous first steps of Obamacare, is on firmer ground socially, since the NSA leaker Edward Snowden is already on the road to liberal hero-dome (and probably eying the secretary of state job in a Democrat administration of the 2030s.)

But even conservatives can get a kick out of Stewart’s dead-on portrayal of the professorial president coming across as a pretentious, dishonest bore. (And the “Porky’s” shower scene joke is a good pick-me-up regardless of your politics.)

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Ticking off Obama’s announcements, Stewart zeroed in on the plan to store information collected from American electronic communications with a third party, subject to government review only with a court’s permission.

Great, Stewart says, “not even the government trusts the government.”

But Stewart also notes the rules are basically guidelines – able to be suspended really whenever “the government” decides it’s necessary in a “true emergency.” In other words, it’s rule by fiat still – the moral compass of the Obama Era.

The “reforms are weak,” Stewart summarizes, “but don’t worry, they’ll never take effect.”

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