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John Bolton: Hillary ‘smarter, more effective’ than Obama – she’d be a ‘worse president’

John Bolton AP via Telegraph
Photo: AP Image via The Telegraph

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Former Ambassador John Bolton, the man who, if not president, would make a phenomenal secretary of state someday, said that because Hillary Clinton is “smarter and more effective” than both President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, her radical policies would ultimately make her a “worse president” for the country.

Bolton told conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt Tuesday that back in law school, Clinton “was very radical,” and he believes her “heart” is still wrapped up in “Hillarycare, the ancestor of Obamacare, and that would be the direction of a Clinton administration.”

The question originally posed by Hewitt, though, was if Bolton agreed with former Defense Secretary Robert Gates’ assessment of Biden being “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,” as Gates wrote in his new tell-all.

Bolton not only agreed, he said, “It’s worse than that. I’m very jealous that he said that because if I had thought of it first, I would have wanted to say it.”

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