Little girl’s precious letter to hearing impaired NFL player spreading like wildfire

A little girl’s sweet letter to hearing impaired Seahawks’ fullback Derrick Coleman is spreading like wildfire after her dad posted it on the football player’s Twitter account. […]

Obama, DWS ‘ghoulish’ celebration of Roe v. Wade; ‘you folks gonna have a cake?’

While throngs of committed demonstraters made the annual March for Life protesting the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision despite bitter cold and canceled transportation, the […]

mika brzezinski
Watch Bill Gates school MSNBC’s Mika on minimum wage; she didn’t like his non-liberal answer

Like most MSNBC personalities, Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski feels no need to be subtle when pushing her liberal thoughts on the public. It works out well […]

Gohmert: ‘I lost my health care… I liked it OK, but I didn’t get to keep it’

U.S. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, says he was forced to drop his health coverage because he can no longer afford it under Obamcare. “I couldn’t afford to […]

Who’s next? Target cuts health insurance for part-time employees

Watch the latest video at Target’s corporate office announced its decision to stop offering health insurance to part-time employees in a blog post Tuesday. The new policy […]

Class warfare: De Blasio leaves Manhattan’s ‘1-percenters’ stuck in snow

Self-proclaimed “progressive” Mayor Bill de Blasio is being accused of class warfare after he left residents of Manhattan’s posh Upper East Side stuck in the snow, and […]

Jon Stewart brutally mocks Obama: ‘Not even the government trusts the government’

Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart devoted his show’s introduction Monday night to a lengthy mockery of President Obama’s plan to fine tune the National Security Agency, all but […]

Harry Reid
Ethics complaint filed against Senator Harry Reid

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the target of an ethics and conflict-of-interest complaint over his involvement in a visa-investor venture. The complaint, filed by the activist […]

Obama at odds with drug czar over dangers of pot

Recent comments President Obama had made that marijuana use is “no more dangerous than alcohol” are in complete opposition with the opinion of his own hand-picked drug […]

John Bolton AP via Telegraph
John Bolton: Hillary ‘smarter, more effective’ than Obama – she’d be a ‘worse president’

Former Ambassador John Bolton, the man who, if not president, would make a phenomenal secretary of state someday, said that because Hillary Clinton is “smarter and more […]

What folks in your state really want may surprise you

Utilizing Google Autocomplete, the web site Mashable did an experiment on what folks in each of the 50 states really want, laying out the results in a […]

wendy_davis Reuters:Mike Stone via Salon
Wendy Davis fires back, blames opponent, for attacking her factually ‘blurred’ bio

Texas Democrat Wendy Davis, of abortion filibuster and hot pink sneakers fame, has responded to claims she “blurred” – embellished, lied, misled, misrepresented – facts about the “life […]