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Trapped in Obamacare ‘parallel universe’: Woman got in, but couldn’t get out

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A Missouri woman who thought she was lucky to get into Obamacare felt even luckier to be able to get out of it – after spending six weeks trying and eventually having to drive 100 miles to get it done with the help of her insurance company.

Photo: Fox News

According to a Fox News report, Missouri resident Lesli Hill signed onto an Obamacare exchange after losing her previous insurance –  thanks to Obamacare’s new rules – which had been provided by Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

After the national storm of bad publicity forced the administration to announce that some of the “junk” policies that were cancelled could be reactivated, Hill found out there was a policy available that was cheaper and had better benefits than the one she got through Obamacare.

And that’s where her trouble got worse.

In a free market, where no money had yet changed hands, Hill could have dealt with the responsible individual or company and moved on. Instead, she was stuck with a faceless bureaucracy, where no one she dealt talked to could tell her how to do solve the problem. Blue Cross told her it would have to be done by the exchange, the exchange representative told her it had to be done through Blue Cross.

“It’s consumed my whole life,” Hill told FoxNews.com. “I felt like I’d slipped into a parallel universe. … It’s just as hard to go off as it is to get on.”

And in the meantime, $950 was withdrawn from her bank account for the premium of the policy she’d been trying to cancel.

In the end, Hill was told there was one “special department” that could help her, but the man on the line told her he couldn’t give out that department’s phone number.

“He said, ‘I’m not allowed to tell you that,'” Hill said. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Finally, Hill told Fox News, she drove 100 miles to the insurance company’s Kansas City office, where she got help reaching the “special department” that finally canceled the Obamacare policy.

Hill told Fox News that at 62, she has experience and education – she’s finishing a master’s degree in psychology – but wonders what could happen to other Americans who fall into the Kafkaesque hell of trying to get out of the Obamacare bureaucracy.

“Think of most people, when they would have given up,” she said.

Think the world ahead – where American citizens pay for the privilege of “special departments” they’re not allowed to reach to deal with their health care problems.

And thank a Democrat.

Check out the eye-opening report on Fox here.


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