cop kid
Well done, sir! Cop pulls over to toss football with lonely kid

A police officer in Texas pulled over for a few minutes to throw a football with a lonely neighborhood kid and the video has grabbed the attention […]

Trapped in Obamacare ‘parallel universe’: Woman got in, but couldn’t get out

A Missouri woman who thought she was lucky to get into Obamacare felt even luckier to be able to get out of it – after spending six […]

michelle obama
Would Jackie O approve of new ‘Air FLOTUS’ ad?

In the most bizarre ad yet for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign, the first lady runs all around video-bombing with members of the NBA Champion Miami Heat […]

Bill to protects religious freedom of business owners stirs controversy

As civil complaints target Christian business owners nationwide for declining to service gay marriages because of their religious beliefs, a bill to protect the freedom of religion […]

Ted Cruz, Glenn Beck lobby for Hannity to move to Texas instead of Florida

In response to Gov. Andrew Cuomo‘s stunning comment that conservatives have no place in New York, talk show host and long time New Yorker Sean Hannity told […]

Bakers facing fines, hate for saying no to lesbian ‘wedding’ cake aren’t backing down

The Oregon bakers who declined to make a cake for a lesbian couple celebrating their “marriage” have been found guilty in a state investigation of violating the […]

Mark Levin Show
Mark Levin’s scorching comeback to Obama’s no football for ‘pretend son’ comment

Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin had quite the response to the sports-obsessed President Obama‘s recent comment that he wouldn’t let his son play pro football: “Well, […]

Sorry liberals, Martin Luther King Jr. believed in Second Amendment rights

A popular National Rifle Association commentator examined the life and teachings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and came to one conclusion — King supported the Second […]

mario and andrew cuomo
Cuomo’s ‘anti-gay’ remarks provoke reminder of ‘Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo’ campaign signs

History comes to mind after hearing remarks New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made on a radio show last week. His father, the former Gov. Mario Cuomo, may […]

Kevin de Leon
Anti-gun lawmaker is laughing stock after ignorant claim ’30-magazine clip’ fires in ‘half a second’

After the initial reaction of “what in the hell is he talking about,” conservative media began having a field day pointing out the glaring ignorance of one […]

Sarah Palin’s personal message to Obama in honor of MLK brings out haters

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin paid tribute to the late civil rights leader by reminding everyone of his principal message. “’I […]

juan williams
Liberal Juan Williams: Obama comes across as a ‘defeated’ man

A panel Monday on Fox News “Special Report” delved into the wide-ranging interview President Barack Obama did with The New Yorker magazine. Fox News contributor Juan Williams […]